How long does it take to create a quiz?

It typically takes 2-3 weeks for us to create a Quiz. During this time – we take complete ownership of all aspects of the quiz development, from creating the content and graphics to going through a comprehensive review process where we get your feedback.

How much Customization can be done ?

You can customize the Content within the Quiz (Question and Answers, Associated Images, Backgrounds) and the Leaderboard per your Branding guidelines. We have a number of Game types, and the rules/scoring systems can be customized per the specifics of the event.

Who creates the Content for the Quiz ?

Download the Audiencegage App from the App Store, and enter a 4 Digit Code to access your quiz. You can access the Live Leaderboard using a web link.

How do I deploy the quiz in my booth?

Download the Audiencegage App from the App Store, and enter a 4 Digit Code to access your quiz. You can access the Live Leaderboard using a web link.

What kind of hardware do I need to run the quiz?

You will need an Apple iPad (to run the game) and a standard web browser for the leaderboard. Our clients typically have the iPads on a floor stand and the web browser connected to a large screen TV to draw attention.

How do I get access to the collected leads?

After the event is done, we’ll be sharing with you all the attendee data and engagement analysis via email (spreadsheet format). You can check the data yourself accessing Andiencegage’s Dashboard as well!


Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Event

Will Audiencegage help me create Expo Quiz Content?

With our Premium and Premium+ plans, we do help you create the content and graphics for the expo quiz based on your event objectives. However, with our Starter plan, we upload the quiz and graphics provided to us. See Plans and Pricing

How many questions do you create per Trade Show?

We create a bank of up to 20 questions per event. You may choose to deploy all 20 questions or some of them based on your event objectives.

How long does it take to create a quiz?

It typically takes us 3-4 working days to create the Quiz after our discovery call and once we have zeroed-in on the type of quiz, and you’ve shared your brand logos and other design elements. However, the time could go up depending on the complexity of the project.
See How Does it Work?

Who creates content and graphics for expo Quiz?

We have a team of expert quiz masters and designers that create stellar content for you in line with your brand guidelines and event objectives.

What are some types of Quizes that can be created?

From ‘identify the picture’ type quiz to Buzzfeed style quiz and survey quiz, the options are many. The right type of quiz should depend on the event type, your brand guidelines and event objective. We’ll suggest you some quiz options during the discovery call.

What are the trivia customization options offered by Audiencegage?

Customization is key to standing out and making a lasting impression on booth visitors. Our booth game comes with extensive customization options, including colors, graphics, logos, and layout, both for the gameplay and leaderboard.

What is a Leaderboard in a Trade Show Trivia Game?

A leaderboard shows the name of the top players along with their scores. A typical leaderboard can show up to 20 top players and their scores at a time. A Leaderboard not only helps you and the players identify the top winners but it also acts as an amazing tool to attract visitors when displayed on a big screen at your trade show booth. We can also customize the leaderboard design based on your needs.

What are the trade show objectives around which custom trivia can be created?

You can benefit from custom trade show trivia regardless of your event objectives. So, whether your aim is to boost brand awareness, launch a new product, or collect more engaged leads, Audiencegage can help. You can Book a Live Demo to know more.

During Event

How is the custom quiz deployed on an exhibition booth?

Once your custom quiz is ready, we will provide you with a 4-digit unique code. Download the Audiencegage App from the App Store, enter the code, and you’re all set. The Live Leaderboard can be deployed through a web link we’ll share before the event.
Download Audiencegage App

What Software/Hardware will I need for the booth game?

You’ll need one or more iPads (depending on the expected booth traffic) for the gameplay and a large display for the leaderboard. Alternatively, booth visitors can also play the trivia on their smartphones. As for the software, you’ll only need the Audiencegage App and a web browser.

What if something goes wrong with the quiz during the event?

While it is highly unlikely, we offer live support remotely during the event. So, rest assured every issue can be taken care of without significant downtime.

Post Event

How can I access the collected trade show leads after the event?

Post-event, we’ll share the Attendee Data and Engagement Analysis via email in spreadsheet format. You also have the option to access the data during and after the event through our event dashboard.

Can I get a discount if I want to use Audiencegage’s services again?

You can consider subscribing to our Premium+ plan in which we create a custom booth quiz for up to 5 trade shows and events in a year. It can be a more cost-effective choice if you participate in multiple events.

However, if you’ve chosen the Premium plan and wish to upgrade to Premium+ plan post the event, the amount you’ve paid will be adjusted into the upgraded Premium+ plan as long as you upgrade within 15 days of the event getting over.

For example, if you have paid $4,000 for the Premium plan and wish to upgrade to Premium+ plan (priced at $12,000) within 15 days of your event, you’ll only have to pay $8,000 ($12,000-$4,000)  for the upgrade and you’ll get access to 4 more events within a year.

Does Audiencegage offer customized multi-event plans?

Yes we do. You can call us at 973-405-0076 or send us an email at to discuss your requirements, and we might be able to work out a custom plan for you.