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Why a Digital Trade Show Prize Wheel to Engage, Entertain, and Excel?

Effective booth gamification requires an effective booth game. Check out why a digital prize wheel is ideal for your trade show exhibit.

Gamification is an effective way to stand out from the crowd on a trade show floor brimming with hundreds and thousands of exhibitors. But while trade show games can help, you have to be cautious with the game you choose for the best results.

While physical prize wheels have been used at booths for several years, their digital alternative is proving to be a far better choice. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that make a digital trade show prize wheel an ideal booth game-

1- Attract More People to Your Booth

I am a trade show veteran of sorts and have been to plenty of trade shows as a visitor. If there’s one thing that is common at these events, especially the bigger ones, it is their monotony. Most booths look the same and hardly have anything new to offer. After a point, it gets very boring, and I find myself looking for the nearest exit.

Something fun and attractive, like a digital prize wheel, can help break this monotony. The entertaining game and the probability of winning amazing spin-the-wheel prizes and giveaways give people a reason to visit your booth.  

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2- Make Audience Engagement More Interactive

Trade shows are all about audience engagement, and a virtual prize wheel offers a highly interactive experience to the attendees. The spinning wheel captures attention and encourages participation. The game creates excitement as people eagerly wait for their turn to spin the wheel and win prizes. This is a great opportunity for your booth staff to engage with the attendees.

They can have meaningful interactions about your products/services with the people waiting for their turn and build stronger connections. Ultimately, this helps in increasing the likelihood of converting prospects into customers.  

3- Digital Prize Wheel Helps with Lead Collection

Impersonal lead collection strategies like badge scanners or business card collection are ineffective with modern digital-savvy consumers. Booth games like a digital prize wheel can incorporate lead collection to digitize the process.

With the game, you incentivize the booth visitors to provide their contact details in exchange for a chance to win prizes. This encourages them to fill out the online lead form and provide accurate details. As a result, you can generate more leads and increase the chances of converting more people into customers.

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4- Improved Brand Awareness

A custom prize wheel can also serve as a branding tool, allowing exhibitors to create a lasting impression on the attendees. The game can be customized with your company logo, colors, and key messages to reinforce your brand identity.

As people enjoy the digital game, they will associate the positive experience with your brand. Moreover, many of them can also share their experience with others online or offline, helping you reach more people. Organic promotion improves your brand recognition and awareness, potentially attracting more people to your booth.

5- Offer a Memorable Experience

If you’re not offering something fun and engaging to the attendees, people will mostly forget your booth/brand soon after the event. And if people don’t remember you, things can get very challenging for your sales staff when they try to contact them for follow-ups.

Interactive trade show activities like a digital prize wheel offer a memorable experience that sets your booth apart. People will remember the excitement of spinning the wheel, the thrill of winning prizes, and their positive experience at your booth. This memorable experience can help your sales staff with follow-ups and also bring in more word-of-mouth publicity.

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6- Digital Prize Wheel is Easy to Deploy

As a busy exhibitor or event manager, the additional responsibility of setting up a complex game is the last thing you’d want. The digital spin-the-wheel game is easy to deploy and manage. The game can easily be played on devices like iPads which can be set up at the booth. 


Moreover, as this is an online version of the traditional game, it won’t even occupy a lot of booth space or require a lot of staff involvement. So, you can easily set up the game even if you have a small 10x10 trade show booth and ensure your booth staff can fully focus on engaging with the booth visitors and building a connection with them.

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7-Post-Event Report for Improved Performance at Future Events

Some trade show game providers also offer post-event reports with their game offerings. The report contains valuable data, including the number of visitors who played the game, collected lead forms, audience engagement, and more.

After the event, the game provider shares the report along with the collected leads. With the help of this post-event report, exhibitors can plan better events in the future and further improve their event ROI.

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How to Find the Best Digital Trade Show Prize Wheel Game?

You should look for a trusted trade show game provider to deploy a fun and entertaining virtual spin-the-wheel game at your booth. Select one based on these vital factors-

Industry Experience

The game provider should have extensive industry experience. They should have previously worked with several exhibitors and covered various large events.

Game Offerings

The company should offer an extensive range of trade show games so you can easily select one that best matches your budget and requirements.


Ensure the game provider has simple and transparent pricing plans without any hidden charges.


Customizing the game with your logos, colors, etc., can support your branding efforts at the event. Choose a game provider that offers custom spin-the-wheel games.

Player Limit

Select a spin-the-wheel game that allows unlimited players so that you don’t have to make any additional payments if the player count breaches a specific limit.

Create a Buzz with Digital Trade Show Prize Wheel Games

Incorporating a digital prize wheel into your booth can significantly impact your trade show success. From increasing traffic and boosting brand awareness to collecting leads and fostering interactive engagement, the game can help you in many different ways.

Exhibitors prefer our fun digital trade show prize wheel games for their affordability and effectiveness. We’ve served several leading brands over the years and helped them with their event objectives. Register for a free demo to see how we can do the same for you.

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