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7 Trade Show Booth Ideas for 2023

Want to level up your event and trade show strategy in 2023? 7 trade show booth ideas discussed here

It's 2023, and the trade show industry is back on its feet. The second half of 2022 brought much-needed respite, allowing exhibitors to return to physical events after the downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

But just like every new year, 2023 has brought new challenges and opportunities. As trade shows in the post-COVID world are not what they used to be, it is essential for exhibitors to refine their event strategies and rethink their booths.

Take inspiration from these 7 trade show booth ideas to create a buzzworthy booth-

7 Exhibition Booth Ideas for 2023

1. Go Big on Leveraging Technology

Our screen time and reliance on digital technologies went through the roof during the pandemic. And the lockdowns lasted so long that most of us have held on to those habits.

Exhibitors should bank on this love for technology to offer visitors an experience and environment they can easily relate to.

Here are some of the ways to leverage tech at your trade show booth-

  • Use Video Displays to help visitors learn more about your company, products/services, and USPs.
  • Use AR/VR for product demos and engagement.
  • Replace traditional printed signage with attention-grabbing Digital Signage.
  • Deploy a Photo Booth where visitors can click pictures.
  • Offer free Wi-Fi or a Charging Station to increase the time spent at your booth.

2. Create the Right Ambiance at Your Trade Show Booth

With hundreds of booths vying for attention, it could be challenging for your booth to stand apart from the crowd. But this is often the case with booths that don’t create the right ambiance for the visitors.

While you might have aced how you’ll make people stay at your booth longer, the initial struggle is to make them come to your booth. And the ambiance has a vital role to play. Focus on these trade show ideas to create the right mood-

  • Choose the Lighting and Layout carefully when designing the booth.
  • Be Creative with the colors you use at the booth while complying with your brand guidelines.
  • Every element of your trade show booth should help you tell your Brand's Story.
  • Use an Interactive Activity for improved audience engagement.

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3. Build a Separate Space for Meetings

One of the popular trade show trends for 2023 is building a separate meeting area.

Due to the pandemic, many people prefer avoiding larger crowds. So, a separate meeting or conference area could be a great way to take things forward with people interested in your products/services.

You can use these tips to add a meeting area to your booth-

  • To maximize space, consider building a Double-deck Exhibit where the upper deck could be used for meetings.
  • If a double-deck exhibit isn't possible, build a Small Meeting Area behind your booth.
  • Think about the level of Privacy you'll need for the meeting area.
  • Build an Immersive Environment in the meeting area to tell your brand story.

Alternatively, you can also think about a lounge area where people could relax a bit after walking through several booths.

You can also offer some refreshments and snacks in the lounge area, which the visitors could enjoy while engaging with your booth staff. Also, start training your trade show booth staff at least a few weeks before the event for the best results.

4. Use Trade Show Games

Trade show games are a great way to offer something unique to the attendees.

They’re fun and challenging, and they can also be customized to help exhibitors with their event objectives.

Want to know how? Take a look-

  • With games like Custom Trade Show Trivia, we can create questions to help people learn more about your industry, company, and offerings.
  • Some online games can also Digitize the Lead Collection process, eliminating the need to rely on traditional offline lead-collection methods.
  • You can also find custom booth games requiring minimal setups and management so your booth staff can fully focus on communicating with the visitors.
  • Games like Surveys and Polls can help exhibitors learn more about how the brand is perceived by its existing customers.

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5. Use Out-Of-The-Box Booth Designs

Traditionally popular booth designs are boring, to say the least.

Modern consumers prefer engaging with brands with a contemporary vibe.

And one of the most critical aspects of creating that vibe is your booth design. Some fun booth ideas you can consider are-

  • Add some Natural Elements, like live plants, grass mats, garden furniture, etc.
  • Use Eccentric Styles and Shapes to customize the booth.
  • Use customized Flooring that aligns with the overall booth design.
  • Textured Backdrops are also highly attractive.
  • Photo-op Walls and Picturesque Backdrops are popular among visitors as they provide them with the opportunity to click great pictures.

6. Bring Sustainability into your Booth Designs

Sustainability and eco-friendly are no longer buzzwords. Today, they influence buying decisions.

According to a study, 72% of Gen Z’s (aged 15-20) would be willing to pay more for a product or service from an environmentally-friendly company. Another study reveals that more than 65% of consumers want businesses to become more environmentally conscious about the environment and adopt sustainable practices. 

So, going for sustainable booth designs is a decision in the right direction. There are many ways to design an eco-friendly booth.

  • Use eco-friendly raw materials such as bamboo, salvaged wood, etc. 
  • Use eco-friendly lighting like LEDs
  • Limit the use of paper, plastics and other products that can harm the environment.
  • Keep plants and pots at your booth.
  • Make sure you advertise on the booth that it was built with eco-friendly, sustainable or recycled materials.

7. Virtual Event + Live Trade Show = Hybrid Events

In 2020, many companies had to switch to virtual events amidst the pandemic and the restrictions it brought with it. Cut to a year later, many exhibitors and attendees saw the various limitations of a virtual event. 

So, are virtual events not useful?

No. Let’s accept this- many loved the idea. The fact that you could be attending an event from the comfort of your home is something you cannot ignore. 

In fact,

When used correctly, virtual and live events together can create a winning trade show strategy.

For instance, you can host a virtual event and then call the participants to the live trade show. Another way could be to host your live trade show on a virtual platform for people who can’t make it to the event or live far away from your event location. 

Hybrid events can expand your reach and footfalls to your booth. While a virtual event can be a great way to get the conversation started, live trade shows can help you interact closely with them and help them make an informed decision about your product or service. 

Winning the Trade Show Game in 2023

As the booth is one of the most critical elements of your exhibit, you must get it right to get the expected results. Use these tips to design your booth and attract more crowd, engage them, collect more leads, and boost your trade show ROI.

Our custom trade show trivia can contribute to your event goals, helping you take your business to the next level in 2023. Schedule a free demo to learn more about how we can help.

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