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Consumer Electronics Show (CES)- 2024 Report

Explore CES 2024's groundbreaking tech, from AI to eco-friendly innovations. Witness the future at the world's largest tech fair!

The world’s largest powerful technology fair, CES 2024 has successfully ended, leaving tech enthusiasts and industry professionals buzzing with excitement. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosted by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) welcomed more than 4000 exhibiting companies from across the globe, and an estimated 130,000 attendees explored a 43 football field last January 9-12, 2024, in Eureka Park, Las Vegas.

As expected, artificial intelligence took center stage this year at the CES, among other hot genres such as digital health, mobility, gaming, e-sports, entertainment, etc. 

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CES 2024 by the Numbers

  • 2.5+ million net square feet of exhibits, 15 percent bigger than CES 2023
  • 4300+ exhibitors, including 1400+ startups within Eureka Park
  • 135,000+ attendees, a record 40+ percent from 150 countries, regions and territories
  • 5000+ global media and content creators
  • 60% of Fortune 500 companies
  • 250+ conference sessions with 1000+ speakers
  • The CES 2024 Innovation Awards program received more than 3000 submissions. This was a record-high number
  • This year, AI was added as a new category to the innovation awards program. 
  • 25,000+ pieces of media content led to 160+ billion impressions of CES 2024

These are pre-audit figures

Key Highlights of CES 2024

  • This year marked the 100th year of CTA. CEO of CTA, Gary Shapiro, along with VP Kinsey Fabrizio, highlighted the importance of technology in reshaping the world and its potential to solve pressing problems like healthcare, food, water, clean air and more. 
  • Featuring over 600 mobility exhibitors, CES stands out as a premier global event for auto, mobility, and transportation. 
  • Exhibitors, including Mercedes, BMW, Kia, Honda, Hyundai, Magna, Recaro, and Sony, showcased the diverse mobility ecosystem, unveiling the future of EVs, autonomous vehicles, micro-mobility, software-defined vehicles, flying cars, as well as innovations in assistive mobility and safety systems.
  • Siemens announced breakthroughs in AI and immersive engineering to enable the industrial metaverse, highlighting how these technologies empower the world’s innovators to thrive using its open digital business platform, Siemens Xcelerator.
  • In the realm of gaming and e-sports, the gaming scene has undergone a significant transformation. It has evolved from a concentration on consoles and PCs to becoming a worldwide social platform widely adopted by adults. The implementation of inclusive design standards for controllers and accessories seeks to expand the gaming community, and advancements in captioning and hearables contribute to improved accessibility within the entertainment sector.
  • CES showcased an array of cutting-edge technologies from 180 different companies. Among the notable highlights were Caterpillar's eco-friendly underground loader boasting zero-exhaust emissions, NOWATCH's wellness wearable, the Sevvy Smart Cooker, and Xpeng AEROHT's futuristic flying car. 
  • The event also brought attention to TS Ultra electric motorcycles from the house of Verge Motorcycle, incorporating a unique "sense of sight," 
  • Palmplug's Theraplay virtual reality game got a lot of attention designed for stroke patient rehabilitation
  • XREAL's Air 2 Ultra augmented reality sunglasses also saw quite a lot of buzz. 
  • The presentations of this year highlighted the progression of tomorrow's technologies, emphasizing the impact of AI, sustainability, and inclusive tech design on areas like mobility, digital health, content, gaming, and agrifood tech. Driving these advancements is the significant influence of Gen Z, particularly in emerging markets, where their rapid internet connectivity is shaping global trends. Consequently, both consumer and enterprise innovation are poised to move towards a more intelligent, environmentally friendly, and inclusive future.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow's Tech Landscape at CES 2024

CES 2024 lived up to its reputation as the epicenter of technological innovation, offering a glimpse into a future where sustainability, artificial intelligence, immersive experiences, and connectivity converge. As we navigate the evolving tech landscape, one thing is clear: the innovations unveiled at CES 2024 are poised to reshape our world, bringing us closer to a more connected, sustainable, and technologically advanced future. The excitement generated by this year's show sets the stage for a dynamic year ahead, with these groundbreaking technologies poised to become integral parts of our daily lives. 

Get Ready for CES 2025

CES will return to Las Vegas from January 7-10, 2025. Exhibitors and visitors can register here to be notified of event details. 

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