Lead Capture

Create More Buzz Around Your Brand At Trade Shows With Quizzes

How you can create more buzz and excitement around your trade show booth.

You’ve done all the hard work of setting up, and now it’s time to attract event-goers and get the party started. The question now becomes, how do I get these attendees to continue thinking about my brand long after the party has ended?

If you really want to get the crowd jumping at your booth, you should try incorporating a trade show quiz to stir up the conversation amongst your attendees. In this blog, we tell you exactly how to do it.

First, you want to attract attendees to your quiz by making it a contest. Including a contest as part of your trade show activities will draw more attention to your booth.

The prospect of winning a prize will make it much easier for you to ask for your attendees’ email addresses for the purpose of lead capture.

This is how to continue the buzz after the event has ended. You send out a follow-up email to all the new potential customers, highlighting what a great time you had at the event, perhaps offering them a discounted trial of your product or service for their awesome participation.

The quiz itself will allow your attendees to better understand your brand. The questions asked will be centered around your industry and the products or services your company provides. This is an opportunity to place your brand message front and center with smart communication.

After each question is answered, you can direct your customers to exactly the product or service that fulfills that need. As a result, you have now educated your potential customers about your brand and how it can help them.

The overarching goal of using a quiz as your trade show game is to create a fun and exciting atmosphere for attendees. This leads to more guests that visit as well as longer stays at your exhibit. Once they leave the event venue, they still remember the good time they had playing and competing with their friends and others, which means they’ll be waiting to click on that email sent from your company.

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