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Generate Engaged Trade Show Leads with Digital Prize Wheel

A digital prize wheel is one of the most effective ways to generate quality leads at trade shows. Find out how.

You exhibited at a recent trade show to meet potential customers and collect leads. You worked hard to create and execute the event plan, which rewarded you with plenty of leads. Excited with the outcome, you waste no time forwarding those leads to your sales team. What happened next was disheartening. Only a few of those prospects converted, and most had forgotten your booth/brand when your sales team reached out to them.

If you’ve been through this ordeal in the past, know that you’re not alone. Many brands fail with their trade show lead collection strategy and often blame the event for the unsatisfactory results.

But at the same events, some brands make a killing by collecting quality leads and impressive conversions. So, is it the event or your age-old lead collection strategy that needs an upgrade? I’d go with the latter.

If you’re looking for ways to supercharge your lead collection strategy, a booth activity like a digital trade show prize wheel can help. Let’s find out how-

Engaged Leads V/S Standard Leads

Not every lead you collect will convert into a paying customer. That’s just part and parcel of the game. But the chances of success are higher with engaged leads and not regular leads.

Engaged prospects are those who’ve interacted with your brand. And physical trade shows offer an excellent opportunity for this interaction. These people have engaged with you on the trade show floor and shared an experience due to which they’ll probably remember your booth/brand well after the event.

In comparison, standard leads come from people who don’t really know you. They’ve not engaged with your brand, and you were (unfortunately) just one of the many booths they visited at the event. And it is no rocket science to understand the chances of conversions with such standard leads are considerably low.

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How Can a Digital Prize Wheel Help with Collecting Engaged Leads?

Prize wheels or spin wheels are entertaining. The simple and fun activity provides people with the opportunity to test their luck, which is something most of us are guilty of doing every now and then. The spin decides if we’ve won any prizes, and the excitement between the start and end of the spin is like no other.

Transport this engaging booth activity into a digital environment, and it is all set to help you collect plenty of engaged leads. How? Let’s take a look-  

Attract and Engage the Attendees

For people to provide their contact details, they first need to visit your booth. And this is one of the biggest challenges for the exhibitors. The trick is to stand apart from the crowd by offering something unique and preferably entertaining. The Spin the Wheel game fulfills this requirement.

The excitement to spin the prize wheel and hopefully win prizes, combined with the eye-catching visuals of the game, is the perfect recipe for a crowd-puller.

Once people are at your booth playing the interactive game, the chances of them staying, talking to your booth staff, and learning about your brand/products are higher. So, the game serves as an icebreaker and engages people with the branded environment you’ve created at your booth.

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Collecting Engaged Leads

The digital prize wheel can be incorporated with a lead capture mechanism. For instance, before playing the game on a device like an iPad, the attendees can be asked to fill out a short lead form in exchange for the opportunity to win prizes. The excitement to win prizes will make most people fill out the form with accurate contact details.

Also, a digital lead collection strategy is more effective than traditional methods like badge scanners and physical forms. It also gives an impression that yours is a digitally-advanced business which is something that modern consumers now expect from every brand.

Online trade show games like a digital prize wheel are connected to an online lead collection platform. The game provider shares all the collected data with the exhibitor after the event. Thus, online lead generation also helps prevent lead loss.

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Lead Qualification with a Digital Prize Wheel

Besides lead collection, the digital trade show booth game can assist brands with lead qualification. The game can be customized to have qualifying questions, helping exhibitors gather additional information about the interests, pain points, and preferences of the players. With the help of these insights, you can segment leads and customize the follow-up strategies.

For instance, if your brand offers various products/services, the game can have qualifying questions to learn more about the needs or solutions they’re interested in. The leads can be categorized into hot, warm, and cold according to your trade show lead management strategy.

With this targeted approach, your sales team can have meaningful and relevant interactions with the prospects after the event, increasing the chances of them converting into your customers.

Boost Brand Awareness and Recall

Brand awareness plays a vital role in audience engagement. The prize wheel game with the company logo, brand messaging, and colors works as a powerful branding asset. When visitors play the game, it helps reinforce brand awareness and recall.

Even if people don’t win a prize, they’ll still remember the fun experience they had at your booth. Compared to most other monotonous brands, this will give you an edge during follow-ups. But for effective customization according to your event objectives, ensure you work with a reputed trade show gamification company.  

Generating Quality Trade Show Leads with a Digital Prize Wheel

Trade shows are highly competitive; most exhibitors need help standing out and collecting quality leads. A fun trade show booth game like a digital prize wheel can give you a competitive edge and pave the path for generating engaged leads.

At Audiencegage, we build custom trade show games like digital prize wheels, trivia challenges, raffle games, scavenger hunts, and more to help brands succeed and build deeper relationships. Register for a free demo to see how we can help.   

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