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Build Better Relationships with Booth Visitors using Trade Show Games

Customer relationship is the key to long-term business success. Find out how trade show games can assist you in this endeavor.

A couple of decades ago, building and maintaining a working relationship with customers was easy. You just had to deliver on the promises and maybe send a gift or a card during the holidays. But that is not the case anymore.

Technological advancements and a global working landscape have had a significant impact on the frequency and type of communication between consumers and businesses.

But while the majority of the communication has shifted to the digital world, trade shows continue to provide exhibitors an exceptional opportunity to come face-to-face with the customers and build relationships with them.

Trade show games like custom trivia quizzes can help you in this endeavor, allowing you to build deeper connections with the consumers. Here’s how-

Why Trade Show Games to Build Relationships with the Customers?

1. Initiate a Conversation with Booth Games

Trade show games are highly effective in breaking the ice and initiating conversations. Fun and challenging games like a custom booth quiz help visitors loosen up a bit and socialize. They also make it easier for your booth staff to engage with potential and existing customers and inform them of the latest business updates, product launches, etc.

Communication is key to building strong relationships, and a trade show game can be an excellent starting point for a hearty discussion with the booth visitors. Moreover, the game also encourages the participants to communicate with each other, share their experiences, and learn more about your brand.

2. Visuals Speak Louder Than Words

Communication doesn't necessarily have to be verbal. While guest speakers and panel discussions are common elements of a trade show, it's not suitable for all audiences. Visual elements like demonstrations, video walls, digital signage, etc., can offer more context to some booth visitors and attract more traffic.

Add customizable trade show booth games to the mix, and you now have a powerful visual strategy to grab the audience's attention, engage them, and tell your story more visually. Moreover, as trivia games are easier to deploy and manage than other promotional activities, they also ensure your staffers have more time to communicate with visitors.

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3. People Love Competing and Winning

Digital channels are a great way to stay connected with consumers. You can reply to their comments on social media, send promotional emails, and even organize competitions online. Moreover, you can also use digital strategies to promote your booth at trade shows. But ultimately, all of this is happening in a virtual environment.

Events like trade shows continue to be relevant and are growing in popularity as they put the brands and the consumers in the same physical space. The same is true for trade show games. The joy of competing and winning in a physical environment is unique and a great way to make your brand memorable.

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4. Keep Things Fun and Entertaining

Keeping things fun and entertaining is vital to building long-term relationships with customers. It is not necessary for each of your marketing initiatives to be all about your company, your USPs, and your products/services. It is wise to add fun to your efforts every now and then to keep things light and refreshing.

And what better than gamification and live leaderboards to make things more entertaining? A booth game is a great way to prevent our booth from being monotonous and encourage active participation.

5. Booth Games Engage and Inform

Whether your exhibition objective is to boost awareness, collect leads, or improve sales, you’d mostly have a lot of information you’d like to convey to the visitors. Custom games help you with audience engagement, allowing you to keep the visitors interested in the information you’d like to share.

For instance, in a trivia quiz game, exhibitors can customize the questions according to their event objectives. So, while playing the game, the visitors will automatically absorb the information without making it boring or time-consuming.

Achieve Goals and Build Strong Relationships with Trade Show Games

Customer relationship is vital to convert followers into loyal customers and, hopefully, brand advocates. It can also boost customer retention and bring valuable referrals. While trade shows are effective in helping you build a stronger bond with the customers, a custom game can truly multiply your efforts and deliver improved results.

We build custom trade show trivia games to create memorable experiences for booth visitors. Our games attract, engage, and educate to help exhibitors with their marketing endeavors and build deeper connections with the attendees. Download our Ultimate Trade Show Game Guide E-book or register for a free demo to learn more.

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