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Build Introvert-Friendly Trade Show Booths with Custom Quiz Solutions

Traditional trade show games or even other methods are not very popular among introverts. But a custom trade show quiz can help. Read this post to know how.

According to a study, up to 39% of US top executives and senior leaders prefer introversion. Surprisingly, many of today’s most successful and influential business leaders, including Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Marissa Mayers, are introverts.

If you’re an event manager currently working on a trade show plan, it’d be wise to consider the interests of introverts to ensure that you don’t miss out on potential leads. 

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Why Make Your Booth Introvert-Friendly?

As decision-makers frequent popular B2B trade shows, it'd not be wrong to say that many visitors at your next trade show event could be introverts. Unfortunately, most traditional trade show games and activities are not introvert-friendly. 

Imagine expecting an introvert visitor to get a photo clicked in your photo op and post it on their social media? 

If your booth or its activities are not something introverts would like to get involved in, they'd prefer to stay away and visit other booths that are more in line with their preferences.

Are there fun trade show booth games that can attract and engage introverts? Yes, games like custom quizzes are loved by everyone, including introverts. 

Why a Custom Trade Show Quiz for Introverts?

Here are some of the top reasons that make these custom quizzes popular among introverts-

 1. Quizzes Are Great Conversation Starters

A common trait among introverts is their dislike for small talk. While they love to have good conversations, they don’t generally like initiating them unless there is a good reason. Activities such as custom quizzes are excellent ice-breakers.

Unlike booth games and activities like arcade games, raffles, and photo booths, a trade show quiz proves more effective in easing introverts into a conversation and helping them know more about your brand.

2. Quizzes Are Not Group Activities

Introverts are not very comfortable in larger groups and are mostly quiet when surrounded by a lot of people. This is another significant reason why quizzes are a huge hit among them.

Trade show booth games like quizzes are individually played at booths with an iPad or a tablet. The game does not involve a large group or a lot of conversations.

Besides being a preferred choice for introverts, quizzes also make booth management easier for the staff as they prevent overcrowding.

3. Quizzes Test Memory and Intellect 

Psychotherapist Marti Olsen Laney in one of her books, suggests that in PET scans, introverts show more blood flow to parts of the brain responsible for problem-solving, memory, and planning.

And what better than a custom quiz to help them test their memory and intellect at trade shows?

These custom expo games have questions crafted around your business, products, or services. As people navigate through them, they automatically learn more about you and your offerings.

Using a Trade Show Quiz to Attract Introverts

If you’ve participated in several trade shows but never really considered introverts, maybe it's time to rework your strategy and deploy a custom quiz at the next event.

And if this is your first trade show, why not add an engaging quiz to the marketing mix to cater to all the different types of people? After all, the more people you attract and engage with, the closer you'll be to your trade show objectives.

Still searching for trade show booth game ideas? Check out our latest work to understand how custom trivia works and what makes it an ideal booth activity to attract people from all demographics.


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