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5 Reasons to Engage Your Trade Show Audience with Trivia Games

Unlock the potential of trade show trivia games. Explore five compelling reasons to engage your audience and drive success at your next event.

A trade show is like your NBA Finals! There are points to be scored and quarters to be won.  What you do on the day, will define your success or failure.

Given the very nature of these events, there’s competition all around you, vying for the same audience as you. Thousands of people, all being sought after by the few hundred booths exhibiting at the tradeshow.

Recent studies and surveys have shown that 82% of tradeshow attendees have the authority to buy*. Hence trade shows have seen little disruption from the advent of digital marketing and have continued to remain one of the most prominent marketing channels for organizations.

Each prospect at the Tradeshow matters, and the big question becomes: How do you attract the visitors to your booth?

One way of doing that is to create a Trivia Challenge or Contest as part of your Trade show Activation. Attendees answer questions on screens outside the booth (typically iPads) and compete in order to win prizes. Here’s why it works:

  1.      Drive visitors to your booth: You cross your first hurdle, when an attendee just walking by, stops at your booth and engages with the trivia about the industry and the relevant business topic. He or she is naturally intrigued to know more and enters your booth.
  2.      Drive Brand Awareness:  Within no time, word gets around that there’s an intensely engaging quiz at your booth which is interesting. This leads to brand awareness within the event and more people flock to your booth. Their experience with the brand will be a more memorable one because of the quiz, thereby delivering brand delight for your customers.
  3.      Build thought leadership through gamification: Thought leadership is a critical marketing objective for any B2B enterprise. Through gamification at the event, you can tailor the questions to suit your industry to drive thought leadership, in the context of your organization.
  4.      Enable Micro Networking: As attendees visit your booth, it will enable them to network within themselves through shared passions and interests, driven by the common goal of knowing more about your company, product/solution and brand.
  5.      Lead Generation: Most importantly, almost all visitors who enter your booth, will leave their contact details after interacting with your staff and gaining more insights about your product or solution. These are very high-quality leads for your sales team to pursue, post event.

To know more about the business value that you can derive by deploying a quiz at your next tradeshow, click here.  

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