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The Secret You Must Know To Drive Attendees To Your Tradeshow Booth

Discover the secret to driving attendees to your trade show booth. Learn how to maximize visibility and capture leads with AudienceGage.

It’s no secret that it is every marketer’s goal to have lots of eager attendees at their exhibits to get their brand in front of as many people as possible, but what are some clever ways to do that, short of physically dragging people to your booth?

You want to create an immersive and interactive booth experience that will be more memorable for your attendees. Using gamification is integrating game mechanics into an activity to motivate participation, engagement, and support education.

Driving more foot traffic to your booth can be as simple as setting up high tech stations deployed with game technology.  Using a quiz, set up on Ipads or tablets will allow you to encourage the active participation of your attendees, and it also presents an opportunity to educate your future customers about your products and services. This, in turn, is another opportunity to push your brand’s message and promote your company without being pushy.

A quiz used in the form of trade show trivia game gets your customers truly engaged in-booth activities, they will be thoroughly entertained while competing with other delegates for the best score. Their reward for questions answered correctly is points added to their score, but you can really kick the competition up a bit by offering prizes, a large overall prize for the winner of the trivia game, and consolation gifts to be given to others for their participation.

Overall, using gamification allows your attendees to learn more about your company while having a good time, and they will ultimately spend more time at your booth. This means more familiarity with your brand, and less time spent at the competitor exhibits.

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