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How to Succeed With a Trade Show Quiz at Your Booth? 7 Tips

Boost your trade show ROI with these 7 tips for expanding the effectiveness of quiz activities at your booth.

Trade show booth ideas like custom quizzes are one of the best ways to achieve event objectives such as audience engagement, lead generation, brand awareness, and more. 

Compared to booth activities such as virtual spinwheel and scavenger hunts, booth trivia is a far better choice as it does not require extensive setups or staff involvement while allowing you many customization opportunities to suit your objectives and brand. 

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But while a custom quiz has the potential to multiply your event ROI, the exhibitors need to use it correctly to take maximum advantage.

7 Tips to Use Trade Show Quiz at Your Booth

So, how do you make the exhibit trivia challenge work for your booth? Here are 7 tips that can help you succeed-

1- Drive Traffic By Making the Trade Show Trivia Visible

To drive traffic and maximize participation, you must ensure that the attendees know about your booth activity.

There are many different ways to do this. For instance-

  • Select a trade show quiz that comes with a live leaderboard feature. The leaderboard makes the game competitive and also attracts people. You can use a large LED display for the leaderboard to be visible even from a distance. Place it so that maximum visitors can see it. 
  • Select a booth space in one of the high-traffic zones such as close to the floor entrance, cross junctions, areas around the event sponsor, or a booth near the restrooms or food.  
  • Ensure that your booth has attractive graphics that can grab the attention of passersby.
  • Use social media during the event to share pictures of your booth, people enjoying the quiz, leaderboards, etc., to encourage more people to visit your booth.
  • Your staff can approach busy aisles to let people know about the quiz and invite them to your trade show booth.

2- Structure the Booth Quiz for Learning

People love playing interactive trivia games. If you want your booth to have a fun and welcoming vibe, the trivia will definitely help.

But as an exhibitor, your goals are bigger than ensuring people have a good time at your booth.

So, to make the quiz work for your brand, you need to structure it for learning. The questions should be crafted in a way to support your objectives.

For instance, if you’re at the event to boost brand awareness, the trivia questions can revolve around your industry, brand, and products/services.

Thanks to the creative questions, people who play the customized trade show trivia will automatically know more about you and your USPs.

Once they’ve been introduced to your brand, your booth staff can approach them to take things forward.

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3. Use Trivia Quiz Graphics to Your Advantage

Most exhibitors generally have a theme inspired by the overall brand personality. All the various aspects of the booth are designed around this theme to promote the brand.

Even the exhibit trivia challenge graphics and the leaderboard design can be customized around the theme to further contribute to brand promotion at the event.

While not every quiz provider allows you to customize game graphics, you can definitely find ones that do.

Visitor engagement is maximum when they’re focused on answering trivia questions. If the screen and leaderboard feature custom colors and logos, it can elevate your marketing efforts and make the brand memorable.  

4. Make the Booth Quiz More Exciting with Prizes

Who’d not want to focus on the trade show challenge and answer as many questions correctly as possible when an exciting prize is at stake?

Distributing prizes to the top scores is one of the most effective ways to make the quiz more interesting. It provides an additional incentive to the people and elevates the game's competitive element.

You can integrate your giveaways into the quiz so that you only distribute giveaways to people who're genuinely interested in your brand.

Alternatively, you can use a two-level giveaway strategy to distribute a more affordable company swag item to everyone who plays the quiz and a more expensive prize for the top scorers.

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5. Install Multiple Gameplay Devices

It can take some time for the players to complete the exhibition quiz. In the meantime, you don’t want people to get bored waiting for their turns.

A simple solution is to install multiple gameplay devices. For instance, if visitors can play the game on an iPad, you can install 3-4 iPads at your booth to cut short the wait time.

The number of devices should depend on the number of visitors you expect at your booth.

6. Don’t Rely on Booth Trivia Quiz Entirely for All the Heavy-Lifting

While games for trade show booths such as custom trivia are engaging, fun, and help with event objectives, exhibitors should not depend on the game alone for all the heavy-lifting.

The quiz should be part of your overall trade show plan and engagement strategy. There are still plenty of things you should do to succeed at the event.

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For instance, your booth staff should interact with people who’ve played the quiz and invite them for a deeper conversation about your brand and products/services.

Face-to-face meetings are the USP of trade shows. Take maximum advantage of every opportunity to try and build deeper relationships with prospective customers.

7. Use Quiz Analytics to Improve Future Events

Trade show analytics help you analyze your performance at the event. The data can also be used to create improved strategies for future events.

You can find trade show trivia providers that offer custom quizzes with analytics capabilities. Once the event is over, the trivia provider will share attendee data, engagement analysis, etc., with the exhibitors.

Opt for these custom quizzes, as the analytics data can help improve your performance in upcoming trade shows. Audiencegage provides in-depth data that you can integrate with your CRM for expediting customer journeys. 

Using Trade Show Trivia to Their True Potential

Custom trade show quizzes offer a host of valuable benefits. However, it is up to the exhibitors to take maximum advantage of every opportunity and use the booth game to support their event objectives.

The assistance of a reputable custom trivia provider will be integral in the process as quiz quality, question creativity, graphics, user-friendliness, etc., will depend on their expertise.

If you’re planning to add a custom trade show trivia to your booth, you can check out our latest work to see how we're helping B2B exhibitors succeed at events. 


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