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Trade Show Games Vs Badge Scanners for Lead Generation

Do you use a badge scanner for trade shows? Read this post to know why it is not the best lead capture solution.

Events are a highly effective and efficient way to reach and engage with multiple customers and prospects.

While face-to-face events like exhibitions provide businesses with a unique opportunity to meet new customers and collect leads, how you collect those leads is essential too. You might rely on trade show badge scanners for lead collection. But while these scanners were considered a technological marvel some 15-20 years ago, things have changed drastically since then.

Why Badge Scanners Don't Work Anymore?

Reason #1- Badge Scanners are Impersonal

For modern consumers, it is all about personalized and unique experiences. And badge scanners just don’t fit the bill. With hundreds of booths using these scanners at an event, they don’t give you that opportunity to stand out and offer something unique to the attendees- something that they might remember you for even after the event.

Reason #2- Badge Scanners are Cumbersome for Staff and Attendees

Typically, a badge scanner for trade shows only collects limited information about the attendees. Additional details are then manually written by the staff behind their business cards. This could easily become a time-consuming and annoying process, both for the staff and the attendees.

Reason #3- Badge Scanners Don’t Provide Any Context

While the best trade show badge scanner can ensure seamless badge scanning, you’ll end up losing the context. Unless the booth staff manually notes down the details of the booth visitors, there won’t be any way to qualify the collected leads. And on a busy trade show floor, your staff will not have enough time to do this for every visitor. The outcome? You might lose good-fit business leads. 

What Makes Trade Show Games a Better Alternative?

Here are some of the top benefits to gamify your trade show booth-

  • As people love playing games, it provides you with a unique opportunity to attract the attendees
  • Custom games educate people about your brand, product, and services
  • Help break the ice and allow the staff to interact with the attendees
  • Automatic lead collection with quick access to the collected leads after the show

Trade show games like custom trivia can be created around your brand, product, or services.

Anybody who wants to play the game has to submit their contact details through an iPad or tablet. The device is connected to a lead capture platform, eliminating the need for the exhibitors to use badge scanners or manually scribble any details.

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Trade Show Badge Scanners vs Games

Here’s a quick comparison of badge scanners and custom exhibition games at trade shows-

Badge scanner vs trade show games comparison table

Apart from lead generation, trade show games are fun, and unique and also can educate attendees about your products and services. Moreover, games like the custom quizzes can be customized to collect deeper information about attendees rather than just their names, organization, and their designation. 

What Should You Choose for Your Next Trade Show?

If you’re serious about collecting quality leads at your next trade show appearance, the choice is clear. Trade show booth games are a significant upgrade to badge scanners as they don’t just collect leads but help you get closer to your objectives. Visit our latest work section to understand better how our custom games enable brands to organize awesome events.

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