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7 Trade Show Services That Could Be and Should Be Outsourced

You should only trust the professionals for something as extensive as trade show planning. Check out 7 trade show services you should outsource.

Thanks to the internet and video-sharing platforms like YouTube, we live in a DIY era. Whether you want to redesign your home or fix an appliance, you can get all the help you need with just a few clicks. Not to forget, the DIY approach often saves money too.

Unfortunately, taking matters into your own hands is not always a practical solution. For instance, trade show planning is something you can do more effectively and efficiently by involving professionals in the mix.

You're spending a lot of money to be at a trade show, and it only makes sense to rely on experienced professionals for tasks that you, quite frankly, don't know much about. Here's a list of 7 trade show services you should outsource to professional service providers-

7 Trade Show Services Exhibitors Should Outsource

#1 Trade Show Booth Game or Activity

Gamification is one of the most effective ways to attract and engage the audience. But it isn’t as easy as deploying a prize wheel or organizing a business card raffle. To ensure the game actually contributes to your event objectives, it should be customized.

For instance, trade show games like custom trivia challenges are created according to your event goals. The trivia questions can revolve around your industry, company, or products/services, helping people learn more about your work. Moreover, online trivia games also digitize the lead collection and help you collect more engaged leads.

You should work with a reputed trade show gamification company that can handle the end-to-end process of building and deploying the custom game.

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#2 Exhibition Booth Design

Not doubting your creativity, but designing a trade show booth is a different ball game. Visuals play an integral role in attracting people to your booth, and you need to build a branded environment to give your exhibit the best shot.

We have plenty of blogs on trade show booth design on our website. You can take ideas from these blogs and discuss them with a professional booth design team to ensure the final outcome is creative and aligns with your event objectives.

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Hire a trusted trade show design company and discuss your requirements with them for quality results.

#3 Event Logistics

The booth itself and all the relevant items should reach the show location on time and intact. This is another task that is better left to a professional logistics company.

Whether you want everything delivered directly to the site or to an advance warehouse before the event, rest assured the process will involve a lot of communication, updates, confirmations, and deliveries. And when you and your team are so busy with trade show planning and execution, there won’t be enough time to manage the logistics.

You can easily avoid the hassles by teaming up with exhibition service companies that manage logistics for exhibitors.

#4 Online Trade Show Marketing

The world is online, and every business must utilize digital channels to promote its exhibit. You can use your website, emails, social media handles, and even YouTube to enhance your reach and boost awareness.

If you already have a digital marketing team in your company, you can utilize their expertise to promote your event participation. But if not, you can search for a local agency to help you out.

The digital marketing experts will create a personalized strategy according to your business goals to help you boost your trade show ROI and ROO.

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#5 Exhibition Booth Staff

Your success on a trade show floor abundantly depends on your booth staff. You need well-mannered, professional, and knowledgeable people staffing your booth. You can either create an internal team with people from your sales, marketing, and product designing team or hire professional staffers.

With an internal team, you'll have to train the staff on the intricacies of hosting at a trade show booth. This will also involve an opportunity cost as they'd be spending a lot of time on training and unable to contribute as much to their jobs.  

Thus, a better option can be to hire professional trade show booth staff. However, this also does come with a con. You'll have to train them, and the outsourced staff may not know about your organization as well as the internal staff. An alternative? Go hybrid. 

#6 Internet Service

You also need to have excellent internet service at your booth, especially if you'll be using many digital elements like video streaming, online lead forms, AR/VR trade show activity, etc.

You’ll have to work with the event organizer and the internet provider they’ve hired and submit the required forms and specifications of your requirements.

While having good quality internet at your booth is generally not a big headache, and event organizers offer all the assistance you need, an exhibition setup service can take this task off of your plate.

#7 Event Planning and Support

Not every business has an internal team to plan the exhibits. One of the best trade show tips in such cases is to work with a professional event planner who can handle all the aspects of planning and executing the event.

Professional trade show and event management service can handle all the aspects of our event, including booth design, trade show activity, visuals, staff, etc., to ensure you don't have to go through the hassles of organizing everything independently.

Such professional services are also highly recommended if your company is exhibiting for the first time and you’re unaware of how to plan the event.

Using Professional Services to Succeed at Trade Shows

Planning and executing a trade show is a backbreaking task. But do it effectively, and it can immensely benefit your business.

And when professional help is so readily available, why get overburdened and risk the success of your exhibit? You can outsource the above-mentioned tasks to trade show professionals so that you can fully focus on other critical aspects of making your exhibit a success.

If an interactive and engaging booth game is what you’re looking for, our custom trivia challenges can help. Schedule a free demo to know how we help our clients attract traffic to their booths and generate engaged leads.

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