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20 Trade Show Trivia Game Examples

Trade show trivia is a great way to engage with your audience at events. 20 trivia challenge examples that you can use for your next trade show are mentioned in this post.

Trade shows help businesses showcase their products and services and reach the targeted audience. Attendees are often eager to learn more about the latest industry trends and developments, making trade shows an ideal place for companies to engage with potential customers and generate quality leads.

But with so many booths trying to get attendees’ attention, it can be challenging to attract more crowd to your booth. 

One way to stand out from the competition and keep attendees interested is by hosting a trivia game at your booth. By offering a fun and interactive experience, businesses can capture the attention of attendees and leave a lasting impression. 

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When creating a trade show trivia game, it's important to consider the audience and ensure the questions are challenging yet accessible. With the right mix of questions and prizes, a trade show trivia game can be a great way to educate attendees about your products and services while having fun.


Here are 20 examples of trade show trivia games that are sure to engage your audience.

#1 Know Your Industry Trivia Challenge

Test attendees’ knowledge of the latest trends and innovations in your industry. 

It is focused specifically on the industry or niche and can be a great way to get attendees excited and engaged with the topics and themes that your event is focused on. This type of trivia can also help educate attendees about your products and services and the broader industry landscape. 

It can be suitable for trade shows and live events related to specific industries such as technology, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, or any other industry-specific event. 

The trivia questions can focus on the history, key players, trends, and emerging technologies or innovations in the industry, allowing attendees to test their knowledge and learn more about their field of interest.

It can be an effective way to engage and educate attendees and showcase the expertise of the companies and organizations exhibiting at the event.

Pro Tip: The key to acing this type is to create a fun and competitive atmosphere that keeps attendees interested and engaged through the right questions.

#2 Company History Trivia Challenge

Quiz attendees on the history and evolution of your company. 

By testing their knowledge of your company's history, you can create a sense of connection and familiarity between attendees and your brand. This also allows attendees to learn more about the company and its values.

This can be suitable for companies to highlight their history and heritage and showcase their evolution over time. It would be particularly relevant for companies with a long and storied history or who have undergone significant transformations and reinventions. 

For example, an automobile company with a long history could use "Know Your Company History" trivia to engage attendees and educate them about its origins, milestones, and achievements. Similarly, a technology company that has pioneered innovations in its field could use this trivia to showcase its history of innovation and thought leadership.

Pro Tip: Use this type cautiously. Also, it may be best to combine this type of quiz with some other type, say logo quiz or industry trivia. 

#3 Product Features Trivia Challenge

Challenge attendees to identify key features of your products or services. 

This type of trivia challenge can be a fun and engaging way to test people's knowledge of a particular product and its features. It can also be a great way to promote a product or generate interest in a new release. You can educate attendees about the benefits and capabilities of your product while also creating a fun and interactive experience. 

You can create a list of trivia questions focusing on those product features. For example, if you’re showcasing a smartphone, you could ask questions like:

  • What is the screen resolution of this phone?
  • How many cameras does this phone have?
  • What is the battery capacity of this phone?
  • Does this phone have a headphone jack?
Pro Tip: Make the trivia challenge more interesting by adding a time limit to each question or making it a race between teams to see who can answer the most questions correctly.

#4 Name that Logo Quiz

Show attendees logos from different companies and challenge them to identify the brand.

There’s something about logos of famous brands that get us going. Whether it’s a Nike logo or Apple, we have a thing for logos, don’t we? 

When done right, this type of trivia can help reinforce brand recognition and awareness and spark interest in attendees to learn more about the featured brands. By highlighting unique and recognizable logos, you can create a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for attendees' favorite brands.

Pro Tip: Use logos from within your industry or space to make guessing easier. Using logos of a company they may have never heard of won’t do much good. 

#5 Geography Trivia

Challenge attendees to identify different countries, cities, landmarks, and cultures around the world.

It can be great for trade shows related to tourism, travel, education, and global business.

There are various ways to do this type of trivia challenge. For instance, you can mention a popular fact and mention various possible places that this fact could relate to. You could also make it a pictorial quiz by showing a picture and asking players to identify the place by selecting the right option. 

Pro Tip: Integrate places where you have a brand presence. This can increase familiarity with your company and excite people to know more about you and your company.

#6 Sports Trivia 

Test attendees’ knowledge of sports-related topics. 

It can be suitable for trade shows related to sports and fitness, such as fitness expos, sports equipment and apparel trade shows, and sports nutrition events. It could also be a fun addition to general industry trade shows as a way to engage attendees and create a lively atmosphere. 

Sports trivia could cover many topics, such as the history of specific sports, famous athletes, sports equipment and technology, and sports-related health and wellness.

There are many types of sports trivia challenges, such as

  • Olympics Trivia
  • Wimbledon Trivia
  • NFL Trivia
  • US Open Trivia (Tennis)
  • NBA Trivia
  • Grand Prix Trivia
  • Football World Cup Trivia
  • Cricket Trivia
Pro Tip: Choose the right type of trivia that aligns well with your brand and your attendees. 

#7 Science and Technology Trivia

Quiz attendees on the latest scientific and technological advances in your industry.

It can be suitable for a wide range of trade shows, particularly those that cater to industries such as healthcare, biotechnology, energy, aerospace, and information technology. Events focused on innovation and emerging technologies are also ideal for science and technology-themed activities and those that attract tech-savvy attendees, such as developers, engineers, and scientists.

In addition, science and technology can be relevant in trade shows that promote environmental sustainability, as technologies related to renewable energy, waste management, and resource conservation are increasingly important in this field.

Some of the popular types of trivia include

  • Chemistry Trivia
  • Physic Trivia
  • Biology Trivia
  • Zoology Trivia
Pro Tip: Vary between easy and tough questions to keep the quiz challenging as well as interesting for the participants

#8 Food and Beverage Trivia

Challenge attendees to identify different types of cuisine or beverages.

It can be a great addition to trade shows and events focussing on the culinary industry, such as food and beverage expos, culinary competitions, and wine and food festivals.

Food and beverage trivia can also be relevant for events that target specific audiences, such as health and wellness shows, where trivia questions can be geared towards healthy eating and lifestyle choices. 

Some of the popular types of trivia in this category can include

  • Cuisine Trivia Challenge
  • Know Your ‘Poison’ Trivia
  • Fast Food Trivia
  • Guess the Food Trivia
  • Are You a Foodie Trivia
  • What Kind of a Foodie Are You?
Pro Tip: Use pictures of food and beverage to game the challenge interesting and fun for the audience.

#9 “Travel” Trivia

Test attendees’ knowledge of different travel destinations or modes of transportation. 

No extra points to guess that these can be great for events catering to the travel and tourism industry, such as travel expos, tourism conferences, and destination marketing events.

Travel trivia can also be incorporated into events that target specific groups of travelers, such as adventure travel shows, luxury travel events, or family vacation expos. 

While it may be the best fit for travel-related companies, others can also benefit. For instance, a travel insurance company can benefit from it too, if done right.

These score high on fun and engagement. Moreover, there are various ways to design this quiz - show a picture and let them guess the place, state a fact about a location and ask them to choose between true or false, ask questions about the most iconic buildings/structures of a place, go into history, and more. 

Some of the popular types of travel trivia are

  • Identify the place quiz
  • Fun facts about travel quiz
  • Your favorite destination quiz
  • What kind of a traveller are you 
Pro Tip: Add a Did You Know prompt after every answer to educate your audience further about the answer.

#10 “Social Media” Trivia

Quiz attendees on the latest social media trends and platforms. 

It can be suitable for trade shows and events focusing on marketing, digital media, and technology, such as social media conferences, digital marketing expos, and tech summits.

Social media trivia can also be incorporated into events that target specific groups of professionals, such as social media managers, content creators, or digital influencers.

Some of the popular types of Social Media trivia could be

  • Instagram quiz
  • Twitter quiz
  • LinkedIn quiz
  • Social media marketing quiz
  • Identify the social media influencer challenge
  • What kind of social media user are you?

Prot Tip: Understand your target audience well and frame questions accordingly. 

#11 “Current Events” Trivia

Quiz attendees on recent news and events in your industry. 

Incorporating current events trivia into a trade show or event can be a great way to engage attendees and promote awareness and understanding of important social and political issues. It can also encourage dialogue and debate around these topics, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose among attendees.

These may be great for events, including conferences, symposiums, or forums that bring together experts, policymakers, and industry leaders to discuss current events and their impact on society.

While these may score low on fun, you can make it fun by adding the right set of questions depending on your audience. 

Pro Tip: Use pictures to make the quiz fun and interesting for your audience. 

#12 “Art and Culture” Trivia

Challenge attendees to identify famous artists, musicians, or works of art. 

Incorporating art and culture trivia into a trade show or event can be a great way to engage attendees and promote interest in the arts. It can also be used to showcase the work of local artists and musicians and promote cultural exchange and dialogue among attendees from different backgrounds.

Art and culture trivia can cover various topics, including art history, music genres, literature, film, and theater. It can also include questions about contemporary art and cultural trends, providing attendees with a fun and interactive way to learn about new and exciting developments in art and culture.

Overall, art and culture trivia can be a valuable addition to any trade show or event that promotes the arts and fosters a sense of cultural appreciation and understanding among attendees.

Pro Tip: Test the trivia challenge internally before rolling it out. Ensure the questions aren’t too difficult for your audience, as they may lose interest and leave your booth. 

#13 “Marketing and Advertising” Trivia

Test attendees’ knowledge of marketing, advertising, and business. 

Incorporating marketing and advertising trivia can be used to showcase the latest marketing trends and techniques and provide attendees with insights into successful marketing campaigns.

Best suited for marketing and advertising-related events, you can also use it if any event type if you’re a marketing and advertising company. 

Marketing and advertising trivia can cover a wide range of topics, including advertising history, branding, social media marketing, content marketing, and digital advertising. It can also include questions about consumer behavior, market research, and marketing strategy, providing attendees with a fun and interactive way to learn about the latest developments in the world of marketing and advertising.

Pro Tip: Mix and match questions across genres to ensure the quiz doesn’t become boring for participants.

#14 “Language” Trivia

Challenge attendees to identify words or phrases in different languages related to your products or services.

You can use this type of trivia for a wide variety of events. While the obvious choice may be events focusing on international business or language learning, it could also be a fun addition to trade shows related to literature, education, or cultural exchange. For example, a language trivia game could be included at a conference for translators or a cultural festival celebrating diversity and language. 

Travel and tourism events might also find quite a few takers for this type of challenge. You can promote different destinations through language trivia. 

Additionally, it could be used as an icebreaker activity for attendees who speak different languages and need a way to connect and engage with one another.

Pro Tip: Drop hints with every question to make the challenge more interesting and easier to play for a wider range of audience. 

#15 “Holiday” Trivia 

Quiz attendees on different holidays and their traditions around the world.

No extra points to guess that this type can be a great addition to trade shows related to the travel industry, particularly those focused on promoting holiday destinations or vacation packages. 

It could also be used as a fun activity at trade shows focused on entertainment or seasonal events, such as holiday festivals or fairs. 

A holiday trivia could be a great way to bring some festive spirit to trade shows focused on retail or consumer goods, particularly during the holiday shopping season. 

Some of the popular types of holiday trivia are

  • The Christmas trivia
  • The Easter quiz
  • Global festivals quiz
  • Ultimate holiday challenge
Pro Tip: Make sure the festivals you ask quiz about are well-known to your target audience and relevant to the theme of the event. 

#16 “Environmental” Trivia 

Test attendees’ knowledge of environmental issues and sustainability practices in your industry. 

It is focused on sustainability, renewable energy, green technology, and environmental conservation. It could also be a fun activity at trade shows focused on outdoor activities, such as camping, hiking, and nature tourism. Lastly, environmental trivia could be a great way to engage attendees at trade shows focused on corporate social responsibility, environmental policy, and sustainable development. 

Environmental trivia could be a valuable tool for promoting awareness and education about important environmental issues and engaging attendees with a fun and interactive activity. And in doing so, it can enable you to showcase your organization’s commitment towards sustainability.

Pro Tip: After every answer, you can add a line about what your organization is doing to promote sustainability.

#17 “Fashion” Trivia

Challenge attendees to identify different fashion styles or trends. 

Fashion trivia could be incorporated as a fun and interactive way to engage attendees and test their knowledge about the fashion industry. It could include questions about fashion history, designers, popular trends, fabrics, and more. Additionally, fashion trivia could be used as a way to promote specific brands or products by including questions about their unique features or design elements. 

Pro Tip: Use pictures to make the trivia challenge interactive and interesting for yur audience. 

#18 “Leadership” Trivia

Quiz attendees on different leadership styles and techniques. 

If the event is targeted at c-suite executives, leadership trivia could be a fun way to engage them while showcasing your expertise, especially if you are in the space of business and leadership consultancy. 

When done right, a leadership trivia challenge can help reinforce key messages and ideas and encourage attendees to think more deeply about their own leadership styles and strategies. 

Leadership trivia can also be used to promote team-building and collaboration, as attendees work together to answer questions and compete against other teams or individuals.

Pro Tip: Remember, the idea should never be to make the attendees feel bad about themselves. Keep the challenge and the overall environment positive. 

#19 “Name That Product” Trivia 

Make attendees guess the product name based on its description or a close-up image. 

In "Name That Product" trivia, players are typically shown a picture of a product or its packaging, and they have to guess the name of the brand or product associated with it. The game can include multiple-choice questions, where players have to select the correct answer from a list of options, or it can be an open-ended game where players have to come up with the answer on their own.

This trivia can be used in different settings, including as part of a marketing campaign to promote a particular product or brand. Companies can use this game to increase brand awareness and engage with customers in a fun and interactive way.

If you do it right, it can be a fun and engaging way to test and expand attendees’ knowledge of different consumer products and brands while subtly promoting your products and services. 

Pro Tip: While you may be tempted, keep the promotion of your product and services subtle. Remember, the primary goal of this challenge is not to sell your products but to engage with your audience.

#20 “Speed” Trivia 

Challenge attendees to answer trivia questions as quickly as possible. The faster they answer correctly, the more points they earn.

Speed trivia is a fast-paced game that tests players' knowledge of various topics, including history, sports, pop culture, and current events. The game is designed to challenge players to think quickly and respond quickly to questions.

In speed trivia, players are typically given a set amount of time to answer each question, often just a few seconds. The questions can be multiple-choice, true/false, or fill-in-the-blank, depending on the preferences of the quiz organizer. The game can be played individually or in teams, and the player or team with the correct answers in the shortest amount of time goes on the leaderboard. 

The best part about speed trivia is that it can be incorporated into various types of quiz challenges discussed above. A small timer on the screen prompts the attendees to answer all the questions. 

Speed trivia can be good for events with a large crowd as it enables exhibitors to engage with more attendees within a small amount of time. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you test the game well to ensure there is enough time to answer the questions comfortably while slightly challenging the attendees. 

Choose the Right Type of Trade Show Trivia and Ace Your Next Event

Each of these trivia games offers a unique way to attract attendees and promote your brand in a fun and interactive way. 

Whether you use one or several of these trade show trivia examples, the key is creating a fun and interactive experience that encourages attendees to engage with your brand and learn more about your products or services.

And if you’re still confused about the right type of trivia, schedule a free demo with us today.

We produce captivating, enlightening, and enjoyable trivia challenges that align with your event goals, providing that extra spark to your booth. Moreover, we can guide you to pick the right quiz type and frame questions for your next event. 

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