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10x10 Booth Ideas for Trade Shows- 6 Tips

How to ensure your 10x10 booth is noticeable on a busy trade show floor? Read this post for 6 tips that can help.

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. While you can splurge your heart out on a massive-sized trade show booth (if your budget allows), a bigger booth doesn't guarantee success alone.

Even a smaller 10x10 booth can deliver excellent results if you plan it right.

But first things first, how big is a 10x10 trade show booth?

How Big is a 10x10 Booth?

These trade show booths come in the standard size of 10 feet wide and 10 feet deep, covering a total area of 100 square feet. If you have trouble visualizing how big that is, it will be a little more than three double-bed mattresses of 5 feet X 6 feet. 

Note that most booths are almost always 10 feet deep, even the bigger ones. They may be wider, such as 20 feet or 30 feet, but will remain 10 feet deep.

Yes, it is a small space, no doubt, but with proper planning, you can use every inch to your advantage.

So, how to set up a 10x10 trade show booth that can attract the crowd and help you with your event objectives? These tips can help-

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your 10x10 Booth

1- Be a Budgeting Savant

Smaller 10x10 booths are often mistaken for mobile charging stations or kiosks. And you’d not want your brand to be perceived as weak or small in front of the competitors. So, while budgeting is critical for every exhibitor, its importance grows multifold when you have a 10x10 booth.

Be very careful with every resource or element you choose for the booth, as you won't have a lot of space (and probably even budget) for all the bells and whistles. Everything you select should promote your brand and help you get closer to your event objectives.

After finalizing your budget, create a must-have and nice-to-have list to spend the money wisely. Start with the must-haves and then, if you’re left with more, prioritize the nice-to-haves and spend accordingly.   

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2- Be Proactive with your Trade Show Plan

According to Abraham Lincoln, if you've got 6 hours to chop a tree, you should spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.

The same strategy can help you excel when working on your 10x10 trade show booth plan, especially if this is the first time you’re exhibiting at a trade show.

Start working on your plan a few months in advance to ensure you have enough time to focus on everything vital to your success. Moreover, it'll also make it easier to deal with the speed bumps or roadblocks you might encounter along the way.

Divide the trade show plan into before, during, and after the event activities to ensure you don't miss out on anything important.

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3- Maximizing the 10x10 Booth Space

Due to the limited space, trade show booths of 10x10 sizes can be challenging to design. However, the small confines can be creatively maximized to optimize your investment.

Here are some tips to help you design your 10x10 booth-

Aim for a Corner Booth

Most exhibitors have their eyes on corner booths due to the accessibility and visibility they offer. So, once the booth bookings open, try to grab a corner 10x10 booth at the earliest.

Have a Welcoming and Clutter-Free Booth

Keep the front portion of the booth open for a welcoming and clutter-free design. You can place larger, taller items around the back.

Be Creative with the Graphics

Graphics play a vital role in grabbing the attention of the attendees. So, ensure you choose attractive and high-quality graphics to tell your brand story without appearing too loud or flashy.

Choose Booth Furniture Wisely

You can also consider adding one or two furniture pieces for that comfortable and inviting vibe. But don’t choose anything too bulky or cluttered.

Place Lights Strategically

Good lighting highlights your products and can be a worthy addition. You can also install touch panels or LCDs to highlight your USPs.

Use Height to Your Advantage

While you may be restricted by the width and depth of the booth, you can use the height to your advantage for displays and banners. Most trade shows allow you to put up displays as tall as 8 feet. Ensure you use every inch of the height available to make your booth pop up. 

4- Think About a Multifunctional Booth Activity

You'll need innovative booth set-up ideas for trade shows to maximize the 100 square feet area available. For instance, you can consider a multifunctional booth activity like a custom expo quiz to attract and engage the attendees.

The fun and challenging element of the trivia can attract people to your booth, while the questions help with brand awareness and lead qualification. Moreover, the booth game also helps with lead collection, as players must fill out a lead form online before accessing the game.

Deploying custom trivia won't require a lot of space. The engaging and entertaining booth activity only requires one or more iPads for the gameplay and a display for the live leaderboard, which you can also use for your branding. 

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5- Ace the Giveaway Game

Stickers or breath mints won't attract traffic to your 10x10 booth. While you'd definitely want people to visit your booth for your products/services, there is no denying that giveaways are effective in attracting a crowd.

So, try to choose something unique and memorable. If you’re using a booth activity like custom trade show trivia, you can also consider distributing your giveaways only to people who play the trivia and/or are top scorers.

Use useful trade show giveaways that align with your brand and target audience.

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6- Choose Your A-Team for the Booth

Trade show success has a lot to do with your booth staff, even if it is a smaller 10x10 booth. After all, these are the people who’ll be responsible for managing the booth and engaging with the audience.

You can either consider training an in-house team or hiring professional booth staffers. If you go with an in-house team, train them thoroughly, especially if they’ve never done something like this before. Even if you hire booth staffers, ensure they’re fully aware of the products/services being promoted at the event.

Divide booth staffers into greeters/hosts, crowd gatherers, presenters, and sales staff for best results.

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Succeeding at a Trade Show with a 10x10 Booth

You can plan and execute a successful event even with a 10x10 booth. All you need are some time-proven exhibition booth ideas like the ones discussed in this post and dedication to give it your best shot.

Want to know more about custom trade show trivia? Check out how our trade show trivia game can help your endeavors. 

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