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Selecting Expo Quiz Winners & Boosting Brand Promotion

Learn effective strategies for distributing prizes in your expo quiz. Ensure fairness and attendee satisfaction.

Trade show trivia is one of the most effective ways to attract and engage the audience. But while custom quizzes are entertaining and fun, people expect something in return for playing the quiz, especially if they score well.

Prizes and giveaways make the custom exhibition trivia more competitive, enhancing the likelihood of people remembering your brand after the event. And the more memorable your booth is, the easier it'd be for your sales team to follow up with the leads.

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But who should receive the expo quiz prizes? Should you distribute the prizes to everyone who plays the quiz or only the top scorers? Here are some tips that can help-

The Trade Show Giveaway Distribution Conundrum

Here are 3 different ways to choose winners for your custom booth trivia-

1- Top Scorer/Scorers Wins the Grand Prize

If you’ve chosen an expensive custom trade show swag, you can consider giving it to the player with the highest score on the leaderboard. Alternatively, you can distribute the giveaway to the top 3 or 5 scorers, depending on your event budget.

With this strategy, players will keep visiting the booth even after playing the quiz to check if they’re still among the top scorers.

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2- Daily Winners Take the Cake

Most events in the US last for three days. So, you can choose one or more top scorers each day and award them your trade show booth giveaways.

The daily winner strategy helps keep the booth visitors more engaged as it increases their chances of hitting the top spot on the leaderboard.

3- Two-Level Giveaway Strategy to Incentivize Every Player

If you want every player to receive a reward, the two-level giveaway strategy can be the one for you. So, you’ll select one or more grand prizes for the top scorers and another more budget-friendly giveaway for all the other players.

The strategy will encourage every booth visitor to play your custom expo quiz and learn more about your brand.

Player Recognition is Important Too

People don’t just want to win trade show giveaways by playing your quiz but also want others to know about their achievements. So, once you've chosen a giveaway distribution strategy, you should start thinking about player recognition and how to make them feel like a winner.

Here are a few different ways to do it right-

Use a Leaderboard

Watching their name on the leaderboard among the top scorers can be a thrilling and memorable experience for the players. Especially for a challenging trade show game like a custom quiz, it gives them a great sense of achievement.

So, ensure that you deploy a live leaderboard with booth trivia to give players the right to boast about their achievements. Moreover, the large leaderboard screen can also encourage other attendees to visit your booth.

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Invite Trivia Winners on the Stage to Receive Their Prizes

Another great option is to announce the trivia winners from a stage. If you’ve booked a speaker’s slot for a product/service demo or a talk with the keynote speaker, you can announce the trivia winners and invite them to the stage to receive their prizes.

Receiving a prize on the stage in front of several people will make your trivia winners feel special and appreciated. Not to forget the free publicity your booth will receive by distributing prizes on the stage.

Promote the Winners on Social Media

Your booth staff can take pictures with your expo quiz winners, and you can then share those pictures on social media to give them their due recognition.

When the pictures are shared during the event on your official social media accounts or uploaded to the event page, they’ll also encourage others to visit your booth.  

Trade Show Giveaways: A Win-Win for Exhibitors and Booth Visitors

Trade show prizes and giveaways are excellent incentives to boost quiz participation and give the attendees a reason to visit your booth. If you’re thinking about how you should distribute expo quiz prizes, use the tips discussed above for maximum impact.

If you’re still looking for custom trade show trivia, take a look at Our Latest Work to see how our challenging quizzes are helping B2B brands achieve their event objectives.


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