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Why Should You Have a Leaderboard for Your Trade Show Games

Trade show booth games are an excellent way to engage attendees, and a leaderboard only makes them more effective. Read this post to know how.

Searching for ways to attract and engage the attendees? Trade show games can help. And if you’re looking for ways to make booth games more effective, consider adding a leaderboard.

Trade show games are fun, and some of them can also help you achieve your event objectives. By installing a leaderboard at your booth, you only make things more interesting for the visitors. Here’s how-

Trade Show Game Leaderboard Boosts Engagement

Booth activities such as custom trivia games help boost brand awareness. Ones connected to an online lead collection platform also make it easier for exhibitors to collect leads. While such games are attractive and functional, a leaderboard enhances the fun element and makes them more engaging.

Come to think of it, almost every game you’ve played to date, be it on a gaming console, computer, or mobile phone, allowed you to score points in some way. Trade show interactive games with a leaderboard allow the booth visitors to do the same.

Booth Game Leaderboards Make Things Competitive

The leaderboards also make the trade show booth games more competitive by motivating the visitors to score more points and become the top scorer to win a prize. The competition element added by the leaderboard allows the players to satisfy their innate urge to win and encourages them to put more effort into the activity.

For exhibitors, this means the booth visitors will be more involved in the game as they'd be motivated to see their name at the top of the large LED display. Booth trivia games where the questions are crafted around a specific industry, brand, or products/services, this also leads to improved brand awareness.

Exhibit Game Leaderboards Help Track Results

If you've added a gaming element to your trade show booth where the top scorer/s wins a prize, you'll also have to track the results. And you cannot dedicate a staff member solely to the game and result tracking. Not to forget that manual score tracking is error-prone, and any mistake in player scores could impact your brand image.

The leaderboard can automate score tracking to avoid errors and ensure that your booth staff can dedicate their time and efforts to things that matter to your event objectives.

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Trade Show Booth Game Leaderboards Improve Retention

Playing a fun trivia game and competing with others to become the top scorer will also make things memorable for the booth visitors. And as an exhibitor, this is what you want from your prospects. You want them to remember you even after the event to make it easier for your sales team to convert as many of them into your customers.

Thus, the leaderboard and the scoring element of the booth game also play a vital role in helping you achieve positive ROI and ROO

Using Leaderboards to Make Trade Show Games More Exciting

As you can see, several valuable reasons make leaderboards an absolute must for your booth games. If you're currently planning the event and want ideas for trade show games, you can choose something like a custom trivia game that comes with a leaderboard.

You can also contact us to learn more about trade show gamification and how our custom trivia can help you with your event objectives.    


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