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Are Trade Show Games Just For Fun?

Discover the key to success with trade show games. Learn how to select the perfect game that aligns with your event objectives.

We generally associate games with fun and entertainment.

If you're anything like me, you might have spent much of your childhood playing your favorite games (and still do).

There’s something unique about games in the way they engage us and provide us with an experience that we just can’t get enough of.

But choose the right trade show game, and you can also use it as a powerful tool to get closer to your event objectives. Let's understand how. But before that, some basics. 

What are Trade Show Games?

These are games played by visitors at your trade show booth. Like any game, these games also have rules of play and allow players to score points. Exhibitors also install live leaderboards at their booths to make things more competitive and interesting.

In busy trade shows, these games could work as that unique and fun element that sets a booth apart from the others and attracts more traffic. Moreover, expo games also give that much-needed break to the attendees from the monotonous task of visiting multiple booths that often don’t have anything intriguing.  

What are the Different Types of Trade Show Games?

There are several game options you can consider for your booth. Some of the top choices are-

  • Trade show booth quiz
  • Spinning prize wheel
  • Fishbowl
  • Scratch-off cards
  • Entry raffle
  • Puzzles and Tetris
  • Arcade games
  • Golf simulator

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There is a thin line between games designed to entertain and ones exclusively built for trade shows. While there are plenty of intriguing and fun games, your ultimate trade show objective is definitely not to simply entertain the booth visitors.

You’ve not spent thousands of dollars on the trade show just to ensure that people have a good time.

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It sure is great that your booth visitors are having fun, but you cannot overlook your business objectives in the process.

And so, it’s essential to choose the booth games for events carefully. The game you select should be entertaining, yes. But it should also help you get closer to your objectives.

What Is the Right Trade Show Game for You?

The best trade show game for you is one that matches your event objectives.

For instance, if your goal is to collect as many leads as possible simply, a fishbowl can be an option. The game requires the booth visitors to put their business cards into the fishbowl for a chance to win a prize.

Similarly, raffles are also a big crowd puller at exhibitions. The booth visitors fill out a card with their contact details to enter the raffle.

Unfortunately, with most of these games, the primary reason for someone to submit their business card or contact details is to win the prize. People are not really interested in knowing you or your products or services.

In other words, these games allow you to collect 'leads' but not 'engaged leads'.

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They don’t engage people with your brand or even help your booth staff know whether the game participants are even interested in what you’re offering. 

As an exhibitor, you should target engaged leads instead of just leads. And you know- there is a big difference between the two. 

This makes the trade show quiz a superior choice for exhibitors.

How Does Trade Show Quiz Help You Achieve Business Objectives?

Games like custom trade show trivia are exclusively designed per the exhibitors' needs and expectations. The trivia questions revolve around the brand, products, services, or even industry to introduce visitors to who you are and what you do while ensuring fun and engagement.

Visitors play the trivia game through the iPads installed at the booth. You can customize the game to take leads before or after playing the game. In addition, large LED displays with leaderboards are installed at the booth to make the game competitive and memorable.

Here’s how a trade show trivia game can help you achieve business objectives will also be fun and entertaining-

Booth Trivia Collects Engaged Leads

Engaged leads are people who’ve engaged with your brand in some way. The trivia allows you to collect contact details of people who know about you and are interested in your products or service.

To play the fun quiz, compete, and win, people willingly share their contact details and learn more about you along the way. As a result, they'll mostly remember your brand even after the event, making it easier for your sales team to contact them and solidify more sales.

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Expo Quiz Boosts Brand Awareness

Boosting brand awareness is another common trade show objective. After playing your booth quiz, you are no longer just a random business for the attendees. The trivia introduces you, your products, and services to the attendees and encourages them to spend more time at your booth.

The more time they spend at your booth, the easier it is for your booth staff to engage in one-on-one conversations with them to take things forward.

Trade Show Quiz is Ideal for Product Launch Too

If you are launching a new product or service at the event, fun games for trade show booths like trivia can help you in this endeavor. The game provider will carefully create engaging questions around the new product or service to effectively highlight its USPs.

Whether you want to attract new prospects or existing customers to your booth, the quiz can be a great addition to your product launch strategy.

Ensure Endless Fun and Achieve Business Objectives with Trade Show Games

Trade show games are quite popular for their ability to attract booth traffic. However, being fun and entertaining is not the only criteria for choosing the best booth game.

The game you select should also help you achieve your business objectives. And a trade show booth quiz checks all the boxes there. 

Visit our latest work section to learn more about gamification and how our custom quizzes enable exhibitors to achieve their business objectives.

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