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Top 25 Trade Show Games and Activities for 2024

Looking for exciting booth games? Explore our list of the top 25 fun games for trade show booths. Find the perfect game and activity to attract attendees.

The best trade show booth games attract and engage. But, while they should be fun and intriguing, it is also essential for them to meet your business objectives. 

You participate in a trade show and spend thousands of dollars not just because you want people to have a good time.

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Yes, it is great that you want to entertain the visitors, but it can never be the sole objective of your participation. You’ll have other critical goals such as lead generation, product launch, boosting brand awareness, or increasing sales.

So, the right game for your booth is fun and enables you to get closer to your exhibition goals.

When this post was first created, we had made a list of the top 10 trade show games and activities. Over time, the industry evolved. Some new games and activities came into the list white some games evolved and changed too.

With that in mind, here are 25 trade show booth game ideas that you can consider for your upcoming event in 2024. 

1- Custom Trade Show Trivia

It’s 2024 and this is one trade show game that has stood the test of time. They were popular back then and they’re still one of the most popular choice. Interactive trivia games are fun and very effective in grabbing attention. And when it is a custom trivia built for a brand, it can also help achieve business objectives.

A custom interactive trivia game has questions crafted around a particular industry, business, product, or service. Booth visitors play through iPads or tablets, and there are large LED leaderboards to keep things competitive and fun.

Players fill out the form and answer questions for a chance to be one of the top scorers and get their names on the leaderboard to win prizes. The questions can be carefully crafted to help with lead qualification, increase engagement, and attract more visitors. 

The Pros

  • Custom trade show trivia encourages engagement.
  • It allows you to collect engaged leads and boost brand awareness while entertaining and stimulating your audience. 
  • In addition, the leaderboard and prize rewards add to the game's competitiveness.

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The Cons

Creating the right trivia questions can be challenging and time-consuming for already-busy event managers. However, partnering with the right custom trivia game service can solve this problem. Not only do you get a platform to run the game, but right from creating questions suited to your brand and taking care of deployment and setting up on the day of the event, everything is taken care of while you focus on other important aspects.  

2- Digital Prize Wheel

Prize wheels are excellent at drawing a crowd. And if you need a fun and engaging game for your trade show booth, a virtual prize wheel can be an apt choice.

The game is played on an iPad, tablet, or even a smartphone, eliminating the need for an actual spin wheel installation at your booth. Instead, visitors use the on-booth device to enter their contact details and participate in the game.

The biggest incentive to play this game is the opportunity to win prizes. Exhibitors can consider a combination of free product samples, treats, and cash prizes. The jackpot or grand prize could be a free one-year supply of your product or service.

The Pros 

It is a digital version of a popular and easy-to-play game that entices visitors with prizes and collects their contact details in the process.  

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The Cons

  • Since the prizes are given away on almost every draw/spin, you'll need to factor in the cost and adjust your budget. 
  • Moreover, since participants are motivated to win the prize, it may sometimes be difficult for you to meet your business objectives, such as brand awareness. However, digital prize wheel games can solve this problem by allowing exhibitors to insert their brand logos and brand colors in the game, ensuring the visitors remember your brand. 

3- Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the most fun games for trade show booths as it fascinates and arouses curiosity. The game involves enticing visitors to complete a list of challenges to score points. The more challenges they complete, the more points they score. 

You can use the booth area or even the entire trade show floor to hide the items, but only after getting permission from the organizer and sometimes other exhibitors. 

The best part of this game is that it can be played on the smartphones of the trade show attendees by scanning a QR code placed at the booth. 

Take a look at this infographic to see some types of challenges that you can use in a digital scavenger hunt game at a trade show. 

Types of Digital Scavenger Hunt Challenges for Trade Shows

You can distribute prizes to 5-10 people who finish the hunt first or add every finisher to a lucky draw.

The Pros

  • Scavenger hunts can be creatively used by brands to tell a story and introduce people to their products or services. 
  • They are fun and can create a lot of excitement in and around the trade show booth.
  • Another great advantage of this game is that you can make other games a part of the challenge. For instance, one of the challenges could be to compete in a trade show trivia or spin the wheel or enter a raffle draw. 

The Cons

One of the biggest disadvantages of a scavenger hunt game is that it takes a lot of space to play this game. With most trade show booths being medium or small in size and event organizers rarely ready to let you use the entire floor, this can become challenging to implement. 

However, digital scavenger hunt games can solve this problem. You can smartly set challenges like scanning a hidden QR code in the product brochure or asking attendees to take a selfie instead of asking them to run around the trade show floor to complete the challenges. 

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4- Digital Raffle Game

Digital Raffle Game from Audiencegage for Trade Shows

We’re in 2024, and it's time to bid goodbye to the age-old business card raffle finally. The digital raffle will require you to install touchpad kiosks through which the booth visitors will enter their email addresses and agree to receive your marketing emails. But don’t worry if you don’t want to install touchpads. 

You can ask visitors to scan a QR code to enter the raffle from their own smartphones. Just make sure, there is reliable Wi-Fi in and around your trade show booth. 

At the end of the day or event, you can choose 5-10 random email addresses to win the prize. As always, the prizes can be your products or services or branded merchandise. You can also keep bumper prizes for 3 lucky draw winners to make it even more exciting. 

The Pros

While most booths would focus on collecting business cards, you can stand out by only asking the booth visitors to provide their email addresses. Moreover, it allows you to collect leads digitally, leading to minimal lead loss. 

The Cons

They do not engage your audience in any way. And many may not be comfortable sharing their emails without knowing you or trusting you. Again, it scores low on engagement and fun. 


5- Digital Fishbowl

Like the virtual prize wheel, the digital fishbowl is a modern take on a traditional trade show game.

Rather than keeping an actual glass bowl where booth visitors can put their business cards to enter a lucky draw, a digital fishbowl generally involves an online survey.

Booth visitors can complete the survey with the devices installed at the booth to participate in the contest. The survey questions are crafted to help the exhibitor qualify the attendees. 

The Pros

Unlike the traditional fishbowl that just collects random leads without qualifying, a digital fishbowl proves more useful for a business.

The Cons

Although it may sound fun, the digital fishbowl is not that fun and engaging for visitors. Answering survey questions is rarely fun. Moreover, there is little opportunity for the booth staff to engage with the visitors lessening your chances of meeting your core business objectives such as brand awareness or engaging with them and informing them about your product or service. 

6- AR/VR Games

If you're a technology company, you can use Artificial Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) for your trade show games to attract traffic and captivate the audience.

You can use this technology in many different ways to organize unique and interesting games. For instance, you can use AR to create a scavenger hunt even if you have a small booth.

The use of AR/VR will automatically make your brand appear modern and technology-friendly. But note that you’ll need tech staff to handle these activities at the booth.

The Pros

AR/VR adds that novelty factor to your booth. The game you choose can be designed to help people learn more about your brand.

The Cons

From setting up the equipment to logistics, it can be difficult to pull this off. Moreover, with participants wearing AR/VR equipment and immersed in their game, it can become challenging for your booth staff to engage with them. 

7- Branded Photo Booth

While it is not really a booth game, I’m still adding it to the list as photo booths are fun. They’re also very effective in attracting a crowd, especially if your target audience is young.

You can install branded mock-ups of platforms like Facebook and Instagram or attractive head cutouts at your booth where the visitors can click pictures.

You can share the photos on your social media pages, and there is always a possibility that your visitors will upload them on their pages and tag you.

The Pros

No business can ignore social media anymore. Branded photo booths can help your brand reach more people on leading social platforms. Moreover, the time people spend at the booth will also allow your staff to interact with them.

The Cons

While they are fun, they do not qualify the leads and do not give the booth staff to engage with the visitors. Moreover, with businesses over-using this in the last few years, they have lost the appeal they once used to have. 

8- Arcade Games

Classic arcade games like bowling, basketball, retro video games, and claw prize machines will never go out of fashion. As these games are already popular among people, they should be able to attract a constant stream of traffic to your booth.

And there are many different ways in which you can personalize the games for your brand. For instance, the game counter and props can feature your logo. Top players can also be given branded merchandise.

The Pros

Everyone loves arcade games, especially when they can offer some respite from the monotony of a trade show. Moreover, the games also offer various options to highlight your brand and let people know more about you and your business.

The Cons

Depending on the game you choose, they'll take up a lot of space, and you may need to rent out a really bigger booth. Moreover, something as simple as the lead collection is still manual, which beats the purpose of setting up the game. You may have a lot of buzz at the booth, but it may or may not translate into engaged leads.


9- Scratch-Off Cards

We all love testing our luck every now and then. And what better than scratch-off cards to test luck? You can distribute branded scratch-off cards among your booth visitors to keep things interactive and interesting. The exciting activity will keep things lively and attract more traffic to your booth.

You can use large displays to showcase the top prizes to make the game highly captivating.

The Pros

You can create a positive image of your brand by providing the booth visitors with an opportunity to play the odds.

The Cons

Unless the prize is really grand (which will also cost you a lot of money), participants may not be interested in this. Many feel this to be a marketing ploy to get leads. Moreover, the lead collection process is still manual, and there isn't much qualification. 

10- Interactive Product Demo Stations

Set up dedicated stations where attendees can interact with and experience your products firsthand. To make this a success, make sure you pay special attention to the design and aesthetics of the trade show booth.

The Pros

Allows attendees to experience products firsthand, addresses customer needs, increases product understanding, and facilitates in-depth conversations.

The Cons

Requires dedicated space and knowledgeable staff for effective demos. Managing attendee interest and avoiding overcrowding can be challenging.

11- Social Media Hashtag Contest

Hashtags are wildly popular on social platforms. You can take advantage of this trend by running a hashtag contest. If you don’t already have a brand hashtag, you can select a short and catchy brand- or event-specific hashtag for the trade show. When people visit your booth, ask them to follow your page and use the hashtag with the event pictures they upload on their pages. 

People who fulfill the criteria will be added to the lucky draw for a chance to win branded prizes.

The Pros

A hashtag contest is a smart way to boost your social media following and encourage people to know more about your brand.

The Cons

This may be great for a younger audience, but if you’re hosting slightly mature audiences, it may not work. People are usually reluctant to post on social media platforms about their whereabouts. 

12- Giant Jenga or Puzzle Games

This is the oversized version of popular games like Jenga or puzzles that require teamwork and problem-solving skills. The winner gets a prize and the top 3 or 5 can win some bumper prizes. 

The Pros 

Offers a hands-on, collaborative experience, encourages teamwork, provides a break from the trade show environment, and fosters engagement.

The Cons

Requires space for setup, can be physically demanding, and may not align with all attendees or industry themes.

13- Shooting or Dart Game

A game where participants aim and shoot at targets. These games are known for their fun element and can generate buzz at the trade show booth. You can use a Nerf gun or darts. 

The Pros

Creates a fun and competitive atmosphere, attracts attention, provides entertainment, and can be customized with branding elements.

The Cons

Requires adequate space, safety precautions, and constant supervision to ensure participant safety. May not appeal to all attendees or align with certain industry themes. Moreover, they do little for brand or product awareness. 

14- Install Interactive Touch Screen Displays

Displays with touch screen functionality allow attendees to interact with content and information. It allows you to showcase products or services, and provides a modern and sleek visual appeal.

The Pros

Engages participants through interactive content. Moreover, you can use it to display various types of information. From your company history to product details, there is no limit. 

The Cons

Cost of equipment and development, potential technical issues, and the need for proper maintenance and support. Moreover, it reduces interactivity at the trade show booth. 

15- Cash Cube Money Machine

A booth equipped with a machine that blows cash or vouchers around for participants to grab. Visitors enter a booth, and there is a timer set. Once it starts, the vouchers or cash are flying around the booth. Participants have to collect as many vouchers and currency as possible during this.

You can also use fake currency that can be redeemed for loyalty points or other benefits.  

The Pros

Grabs attention, creates excitement, encourages participation, and provides a memorable and interactive experience.

The Cons

Cost of renting or purchasing the money machine, availability of cash or vouchers for participants, and managing the flow of participants. 

16- Human-sized Hamster Ball Races

Participants get inside large inflatable hamster balls and race against each other. 

The Pros

Unique and entertaining, attracts attention, encourages physical activity, and provides a memorable and interactive experience.

The Cons 

Requires a large space, proper safety measures, and coordination for participant rotations. May not be suitable for all venues or audiences, especially for crowded trade show floors. 

17 -DIY Crafts Stations

Stations where attendees can create personalized crafts using the supplies available at the trade show booth.

The Pros

Allows attendees to create something personalized or experience beauty treatments, encourages creativity and engagement, and provides a hands-on experience.

The Cons

Requires supplies and proper setup, potential messiness, and considerations for hygiene and cleanliness. Moreover, it may increase dwell time at the booth, which may be difficult to manage for the trade show staff. 

18 - Live Demonstrations or Performances

Use live demos or performances to showcase products or services. You can invite local artists to perform creating buzz at the booth. 

The Pros

Captivates attention, showcases products or services in action, provides educational value, and creates a memorable experience.

The Cons

Requires proper equipment, scheduling, and coordination, potential noise or space constraints, and the need for skilled presenters or performers, which can in turn be expensive. 

19- Interactive Social Robots

Incorporating social robots that can interact with attendees and provide a unique experience can be a great way to showcase that you’re a modern company. 

The Pros

Cutting-edge technology, attracts attention and curiosity, provides a unique and interactive experience, and positions your brand as innovative.

The Cons

Cost of acquiring or renting social robots, technical requirements, potential programming or connectivity issues, and the need for proper supervision.

20- Mind-Reading or Psychic Entertainment:

Hire professional entertainers who can perform mind-reading or psychic acts. 

The Pros

Unique and intriguing, creates a sense of wonder and entertainment, attracts attention, and provides a memorable experience.

The Cons

Requires hiring professional entertainers, potential skepticism from participants, and aligning with your brand image and industry.

21 - Silent Disco

Hosts a dance party where attendees wear wireless headphones and listen to music. This can be a good idea if you’re from the entertainment industry. 

The Pros

Offers a unique and immersive audio experience, encourages attendee participation, and creates a lively and energetic atmosphere.

The Cons

Requires coordination of music and headphone rentals, potential noise management challenges, and limited capacity for simultaneous participants.

22- Pop-up Escape Room

Sets up a temporary escape room experience for participants to solve puzzles and challenges and get out of tricky situations. The catch is they have to do it within a set time frame. 

The Pros

Offers a unique and immersive experience, encourages teamwork and problem-solving, and generates buzz and excitement.

The Cons

Requires space for the escape room setup, investment in props and puzzles, and limited capacity for simultaneous participants.

23- Customized Photo Mosaic Wall

Construct a large-scale mosaic image composed of individual attendee photos. You can also use it to display photos of your team, and your customers or invite visitors to enter the ‘hall of fame’.

The Pros

Creates a sense of community and participation, encourages social sharing, and provides a visually appealing display.

The Cons

Requires dedicated space and setup, potential logistical challenges in collecting and printing photos, and limited capacity for large events.

24- Beer Pong Tournament

Host a beer pong competition with teams competing against each other. Instead of beer you can opt for other non-alcoholic beverages. This can be a good idea for beverage companies to showcase their products. 

The Pros

Creates a social and relaxed atmosphere, encourages networking and team building, and attracts a specific demographic.

The Cons

Requires adherence to legal drinking age restrictions, potential noise concerns, and limited applicability depending on the target audience. Even if you go for non-alcoholic drinks, this game can create a mess around the booth. 

25- Digital Graffiti Wall

Allows participants to create digital artwork using virtual spray paint on a large screen.

The Pros

Promotes creativity and interactivity, provides a memorable experience, and encourages social sharing.

The Cons

Requires setup of equipment and screens, potential technical issues, and limited capacity for simultaneous participants.

Top 10 Trade Show Games and Activities for 2024

While the list has around 25 games, let’s cut out the noise and zero down on the top 10 games for trade shows. Here are the top 10 picks for 2024.

#1 - Custom Trivia Challenges

#2 - Digital Spin the Wheel Game

#3 - Digital Scavenger Hunt Game

#4 - Digital Raffle Draw

#5 - Digital Fishbowl

#6 - AR/VR Games

#7 - Photo Booth

#8 - Arcade Games

#9 - Digital Scratch-off Card Game

#10 - Interactive Product Demos

Cheatsheet for Selecting the Best Trade Show Game or Activity

Ok, so we’ve zeroed down on the top 10 trade show games and activities. Now, let’s see if we can help you select the best trade show game or activity. 

Surely, the choice will be a bit subjective, but here are 7 key questions you should ask yourself to help you select the right game or activity. 

  1. Is the game or activity fun?
  2. Is the game or activity engaging?
  3. Does it offer an automated lead collection process?
  4. Does the game or activity help with brand awareness?
  5. Does it help in increase product awareness?
  6. Does the game or activity give the opportunity to the booth staff to interact with the attendees?
  7. Is the game space-saving? 

This will help you select the best trade show game or activity that is engaging, fun, and meets your business objectives. 

Let’s compare the top 10 trade show games and activities, and let’s see how they fare against these parameters. 

Have a look at the table below. 

Comparison Between Top 10 Trade Show Games

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Depending on what parameters you give importance to, you can select a trade show game and activity that is not only fun but also meets your event and business objectives. 

Use Trade Show Games for Maximum Impact

While the options are endless when it comes to picking trade show games and activities, only a few score high on all parameters of meeting event and business objectives while ensuring that attendees have fun. 

At Audiencegage, we build trade show games that are not only fun but also help exhibitors increase their trade show ROI.

Contact us to know more about our trade show games and what makes them the best choice to achieve your trade show objectives.

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