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5 Common Trade Show Booth FAQs Answered

Success at a trade show has a lot to do with your booth. Read this post for expert opinions on 5 of the most common trade show booth-related questions.

One of the most critical elements of trade show planning is your booth. Plan it effectively, and you're one step closer to succeeding at the event. However, this is easier said than done.

Whether you're a newcomer or an exhibition veteran, trade show booth planning often involves many questions and doubts that could have vast implications if left unanswered. So, this post answers 5 common booth-related trade show FAQs to make things easier.

5 Common Trade Show Booth Related FAQs

Should I Buy or Rent a Trade Show Booth?

Knowing the pros and cons of both should make the selection easier. Take a look-

Buying a Trade Show Booth

Pros and Cons table of buying trade show booth

Renting a Trade Show Booth

Pros and cons table of renting a trade show booth

2- How to Create a Buzz with Your Trade Show Booth?

While there is no specific trade show booth formula that ensures guaranteed results, here are some elements common among booths that attract the most crowd-

  • Use overhead signage to attract attendees from afar
  • Ensure the booth design, including the walls, backdrops, display cabinets, furniture, etc., are in line with your brand guidelines
  • Use visual elements to encourage visits
  • Set the right mood at the booth
  • Booth team should be dressed to impress the attendees

3- How to Select the Right Size and Location for Your Trade Show Booth?

Booth spaces are expensive. Especially if you’re exhibiting at popular events, the space rental itself will cost thousands of dollars. But bigger booths don’t guarantee success. I’ve often seen 10x10 booths attracting way more traffic than larger booths.

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So, focus on your budget to choose the right booth size and ace all the other elements, like design, product presentation, booth activity, staff, etc., for the best results.

As for the booth location, here are the areas that generally receive the most traffic flow-

  • Areas close to the entrance
  • Intersections, cross-junctions, and corners
  • Close to perks like cafes, major attractions, and restrooms

As these locations are popular among exhibitors, ensure you secure your booth space at the earliest when the bookings open.

4- How to Choose the Right Interactive Activity for the Trade Show Booth?

If you want your booth to stand out, an interactive activity can help. It can add a fun element to your booth and also contribute to your event objectives. For instance, many B2B exhibitors deploy a custom trade show quiz at their booth to attract and engage.

Here are a few tips for exhibitors to choose the best interactive activity-

  • Select an activity that educates and boosts brand awareness
  • The activity should promote your brand
  • Ensure it is fun and not too complex

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5- How to Train Your Trade Show Booth Staff?

When it comes to your booth staff, you can either create an internal team from your office or hire professional staffers.

While the internal employees will know about your product/service in detail, they might not be well-versed in how to man a booth. So, they might require additional time, training, and resources which can impact the everyday functioning of your office.

On the other hand, professionals have excellent booth staffing skills. But apart from the basics, they won’t know much about your product/service. So, if it is a complex product/service, the external staffers will need additional training.

You can check out our Trade Show Booth Staff Training Guide to ace staff training.   

Start Planning Your Trade Show Booth

Your trade show booth is abundantly responsible for your success and helping you generate positive ROI and ROO. Now that you’ve found answers to some of the most common trade show FAQs, take advantage of this information as you plan the exhibit to achieve event objectives and succeed.

If a fun and engaging booth activity is what you’re looking for, our custom trade show trivia can help. Our team of experts can build a custom quiz according to your objectives to help your booth stand out and attract more traffic.

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