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6 Cool Technology Ideas for Trade Show Exhibitors

Most consumers now prefer dealing with modern, tech-savvy businesses. Check out how you can master the tech game at an upcoming trade show.

It’s not wrong to say that we’ve become more tech-reliant since the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the world was already pacing toward everything technology, the physical restrictions accelerated the adoption rate immensely. As a result, it is now crucial for businesses to be perceived as an entity that is modern and tech-savvy.

With their unique ability to enable one-to-one interaction with potential customers, physical trade shows are the perfect place to demonstrate your brand’s love for the latest technologies.

But if your idea of building a digitally adept booth is limited to using TVs and digital signage, your trade show plan needs a major overhaul. Here’s why-

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Why Not TVs and Digital Signage for Trade Show Booths?

If you aim to attract an audience on a busy trade show floor, standing apart from the crowd is essential. And elements like televisions and digital signage steal this opportunity. As they are easy to deploy, they can be commonly found at most booths. 

Moreover, besides being regular booth additions, they lack interactivity and offer limited engagement. With people now seeking more personalized and interactive experiences from every brand they interact with, the traditionally popular TVs and digital signage are losing their shine.

However, you can consider plenty of other alternatives for your booth. Take a look-

Ideas for Being More Tech-Savvy on a Trade Show Floor

1- Deploy Digital Trade Show Games

Exhibitors have used physical games at their booths for a long time to attract more visitors. However, physical games are generally more expensive, consume more booth space, and have extensive setups that require staff involvement. Replace them with fun and engaging digital games for trade shows, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Booth visitors can conveniently play trivia, prize wheel, scavenger hunt, and raffle games on devices like iPads or smartphones, making them the perfect tech-savvy and crowd-pleasing trade show activity.

Moreover, they can also digitize lead collection to help exhibitors collect more engaged leads and boost their event ROI.

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2- Engage Better with Interactive Touch Panels 

If you’ve been using TVs or LED displays at your booth, you can also consider upgrading to interactive touch panels. While they might look like your standard LEDs, their touch-screen capabilities make them way more interactive. These panels offer a more immersive and engaging experience compared to traditional static displays.

You can use these panels to display crucial content like product information, images, videos, and presentations or even let the attendees play a game such as a trivia challenge or spin the wheel on them. Moreover, you can also use them to collect attendee data through interactive surveys and forms. 

3- Display with LED Walls and Floors

LED walls and floors are large-scale displays made up of individual LED modules. A rising number of exhibitors now deploy them at their trade show booths for the visual impact they create and their ability to display dynamic content, including videos, images, animations, and more.

Alternatively, if you’ve deployed a booth activity like trade show trivia, you can also use the LED wall as a leaderboard. Rest assured, the striking visuals of the panel will not only enhance the aesthetics of your booth but also make your booth appear more tech-friendly.

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4- Use QR Codes

Quick Response or QR codes have also gained vast popularity in the US after the pandemic. From restaurants to retail stores, you can now find them everywhere. You can scan the QR code from your smartphone to make payments, access contactless menus, and more.

If being a tech-savvy exhibitor is what you’re looking for, you can consider using QR codes at your booth. Visitors can scan the booth QR code to view your products, watch product demonstrations, or visit your website. Moreover, the QR code can also be integrated into trade show games like scavenger hunts to make it more interesting and interactive.

5- Livestream Your Booth/Demonstration Online

Social networking platforms have taken the world by storm. An effective way to demonstrate yourself as a modern and tech-savvy brand is to have a strong social media presence. You can use it to reach a wider audience, keep your followers updated, promote your products/services, and interact with the audience.

During a trade show, you can also livestream your booth or product/service demonstration to reach more people and garner more attention. Most popular platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, offer live streaming features.

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6- Install AR/VR Stations

Exhibitors can also consider installing an AR/VR station at their booths to offer visitors an immersive and interactive experience. If planned and executed correctly, AR/VR experiences can captivate attendees’ attention and encourage them to spend more time at your booth, increasing the chances of meaningful interactions with your booth staff.

You can use these technologies to engage attendees and innovatively showcase products, services, or brand messages. Alternatively, you can also work with a trade show game provider to build a custom AR/VR game. 

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Leverage Tech-Forward Strategies to Succeed at Trade Shows

Now that physical trade shows are back to their pre-pandemic glory, it is crucial for exhibitors to adjust their strategies according to consumer preferences that have significantly changed in the last few years. By demonstrating yourself as a brand that has a mastery over the latest trends and technologies, you can better fulfill the expectations of the audience.

If you’re searching for a partner who can help you put the best technological foot forward at an upcoming event, Audiencegage can help. We build fun and engaging digital trade show games to help exhibitors succeed. Browse through the wide range of trade show games we offer to select one that best matches your event objectives.

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