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How to Create Questions for Your Trade Show Booth Trivia?

Looking for tips to create questions for your trade show trivia game? This post has got you covered. Keep reading.

There are several reasons that make fun trade show ideas like custom trivia a huge hit. 

Attendees love the game as it allows them to test their knowledge and compete with others. Most exhibitors also distribute exciting prizes to top scores, giving people another incentive to play the game.

For event managers, the game drives traffic, keeps visitors engaged, and helps them with their event objectives. It can boost brand awareness, automate the lead collection process, qualify leads, and allow booth staff to engage with booth visitors.   

So, a win-win-win for attendees, organizations, and the booth staff. 

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But just like anything else, certain aspects of a trade show booth trivia deserve your attention if you want it to be a raving success. For instance, you should creatively craft trivia questions to support trade show objectives and ensure people enjoy the booth activity. 

And how do you do that? With the help of the tips listed below-

Top 5 Tips to Create Trade Show Booth Trivia Questions

1- Keep the Questions Brand/Industry-Focused

A trade show trivia quiz is not like other quizzes that people often play online. 

While it is a fun activity for booth visitors, it means serious business for exhibitors who've spent thousands of dollars on the event. Thus, the trade show trivia game must contribute to the event objectives positively.

For instance, if your objective is to launch a new product/service and improve brand recognition, the questions can revolve around your industry, brand, products, or services. 

Before playing the quiz, the booth visitors should be encouraged to –

  • Watch the product/service demo
  • Talk to a booth staffer
  • Go through the brochure
  • Visit the company website

Alternatively, you can craft questions so attendees get more intrigued to know more about the new product/service/solution you're offering. 

The right strategy would depend on the objectives of the tradeshow. Is it awareness? Is it lead generation? Is it audience engagement? 

Either way, the more they know about your brand and your offerings, the easier it’ll be to convert them into customers.  

2- Consider the Difficulty Level of Trivia Questions

The questions of trade show interactive games like trivia shouldn’t be too easy or too difficult. 

You want to create a quiz that is both fun and challenging. If the questions are elementary, they won't be challenging enough. And if they're highly challenging, attendees can start feeling frustrated, and you don't want that happening at your booth.

So, try to maintain a balance between easy and difficult questions. For example, you can start the quiz with easier questions and gradually increase the difficulty level as they move toward the last question. 

Exhibitors can also consider having different point values for the questions. For instance-

  • Questions 1-4 will have 100 points each (Easy)
  • Questions 5-7 will have 200 points each (Moderate)
  • Questions 8-10 will have 300 points each (Difficult)

In this way, every player will mostly get at least a few questions right and won’t feel disappointed, and the top scorers will be proud of their achievement. 

Another strategy that usually works is oscillating between easy and slightly tricky questions. This keeps them interested while also challenging them just enough. 

Whatever strategy you employ, a leaderboard can definitely help you make the quiz more competitive and attractive. 

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3- Choose the Trivia Question Format

The questions of your booth quiz should follow a particular format. You can consider question formats like-

  • True or false
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Numerical
  • Image-based

You can stick to a single format or use a mix of all four to design the questions for your interactive trade show booth game.

Except for true or false questions that’ll obviously have two options, all the other questions should be multiple choice questions with 3-4 options to choose from. This will make it easier for the visitors to play the quiz.

You can also consider embedded answer questions wherein a passage of text will have answers to all the quiz questions. The visitors can read the passage before starting the quiz and use their memory to answer the questions.

4- Slip-in Question Categories to Qualify Leads

One of the most significant advantages of trade show gamification, especially custom trivia, is the ability to collect leads. They eliminate the need for your booth staff to collect leads manually by making the visitors fill up an online lead form before accessing the quiz.

But the quiz questions can also be creatively crafted to qualify the leads and know in which stage of the buyer cycle they’re currently at. Then, based on their answers, the leads can be divided into hot, warm, and cold categories.

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For instance, let's assume that you sell an IT product that requires a buyer to have decent technical knowledge. Your trivia questions can include industry acronyms, technical terms, and other details only your target audience can understand. This creates a feeling of exclusivity among the players. 

After the event, you can analyze the quiz results to create a list of the top scorers. These will be people who understand your product and might be interested in becoming your customers.  

5- Finalize the Total Number of Trivia Questions

Last is the number of questions your custom quiz should have. Most exhibitors generally add 10-15 questions to their booth quiz. Anything too short and won't engage your attendees long enough. And if it's just an endless barrage of questions, it can bore your attendees, and they may want to quit playing mid-way. 

When finalizing the number of questions for the quiz, consider the approximate time it'll take for the visitors to complete it. You cannot create a quiz with too many questions as it'll make the game time-consuming and start annoying people waiting in queues for their turn.

Another option would be to have a timed quiz at your booth. For instance, it can be a 5-minute quiz with 10-15 questions. The race against time often makes the game more interesting for the attendees and ensures they don’t take too long to complete the quiz.  

Succeed at Trade Shows with the Right Trade Show Trivia Questions

If you’re planning to add custom trivia to your trade show booth, you can use these tips to craft the right questions. Alternatively, you can look for a reliable trade show game company that offers custom quizzes.

At Audiencegage, we give you the option to either create the quiz yourself or let us help you create the quizzes. 

Contact us to know more about custom trade show trivia and how it can contribute to all your event objectives.


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