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How to Order a Trade Show Trivia from Audiencegage?

Why choose Audiencegage for custom trade show trivia? Read this post for 5 valuable reasons and detailed steps to order custom trivia from Audiencegage.

Engaging trade show booth games can help exhibitors stand apart from the crowd by offering something unique and fun to the attendees. But not every booth game is the same.

Compared to popular choices like a scavenger hunt and virtual spinwheel, custom trade show trivia is better equipped to help exhibitors with their event objectives.

Custom quizzes can attract and engage people, boost brand awareness, and digitize the lead collection process, making it a highly effective booth activity.

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First things first, What is Audiencegage?

We are a leading event and trade show gamification company, enabling exhibitors and event organizers to leverage custom trivia to boost attendee engagement and achieve business goals.

But is Audiencegage the best choice for custom booth trivia? How to order a custom quiz from Audiencegage? Let's take a look-

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Why Audiencegage for Custom Trade Show Trivia?

1- Extensive B2B Trade Show Experience

Audiencegage specializes in B2B trade shows. Over the years, the company has worked with brands across industries, including real estate, IT services, finance, pharmaceutical, technology, manufacturing, and more.

The vast experience and understanding of industry-specific business challenges make it easier for Audiencegage to strategize successful trivia solutions.

2- End-to-End Trivia Management

One of the reasons why Audiencegage quizzes deliver dynamic results is how the company approaches every project.

Their gamification experts first understand the goals and objectives of the exhibitors to build customized quiz strategies. From content creation to testing and deployment, Audiencegage manages the end-to-end process.

3- Fast Turnaround

Audiencegage only takes a few days to a couple of weeks to build a custom trade show game.

Depending on your requirement, the team can accelerate the quiz creation process and get the trivia ready in a few days.

So, if you’re looking for an engaging booth activity for a trade show just around the corner, Audiencegage is the way to go.

4- Different Plans to Suit Every Budget and Requirement

Audiencegage offers 3 different plans – Starter, Premium, and Enterprise, to make it easier for the exhibitors to select one as per their requirements.

The Starter plan is ideal for smaller events and conferences, while the Premium plan suits larger trade shows and exhibitions. With the Enterprise plan, exhibitors can get custom quiz pricing from Audiencegage depending on how frequently they exhibit in a year.

5- Easy Deployment

Unlike booth activities like AR/VR or scavenger hunts that require extensive preparation and management, deploying an Audiencegage quiz is effortless and quick.

Exhibitors only need one or more iPads at their booths for the gameplay and a display for the live leaderboard. In addition, the company has its iOS app, which exhibitors can use to log in to their accounts and access trivia information as and when required.

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How to Order Custom Trade Show Trivia from Audiencegage?

Follow these steps to order a custom quiz from Audiencegage-

  • Visit Audiencegage website.
  • Click on 'Book Live Demo' if you want to see how Audiencegage trivia helps exhibitors with their trade show goals.
  • You can schedule a 30-minute demo with us at the time and day of your choosing.
  • After completing the demo, exhibitors can choose from Starter, Premium, and Enterprise plan and complete the necessary formalities.
  • After receiving your order, the Audiencegage team will contact you to understand your target audience and event objectives better.
  • The team works with the exhibitors to create custom content and graphics for the trivia.
  • Once the content is ready, it goes through a comprehensive review to ensure everything is on point as per your requirements.
  • The content is then uploaded to Audiencegage's quiz platform and tested before the instructions are shared with you.
  • You're now ready to deploy a custom Audiencegage quiz at your trade show booth.
  • Deployment takes a few minutes and only requires an iPad and TV screen at the booth.
  • Throughout the event, exhibitors can get in touch with the Audiencegage team for any support they need

Succeed at Your Next Trade Show with Audiencegage’s Custom Trivia

Exhibition games like custom trivia from Audiencegage use fun and challenge to help exhibitors create a buzz and attract more visitors. As the quiz educates the audience, requires minimal staff involvement, and collects engaged leads, it could be a perfect addition to any well-thought trade show plan.

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You can get in touch with Audiencegage to learn more about the past events we’ve covered and how our custom trivia can help you succeed at the upcoming trade show.

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