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Find Out What Goes Into Designing a Custom Trade Show Quiz from Scratch

A lot goes into designing a custom trade show quiz to ensure it delivers the expected results. Check out this post to know how we do it.

The post-COVID marketing landscape is such that there is a vast significance on consumer experiences. Businesses are searching for innovative ways to provide customers with unique and engaging experiences. And such experience-based strategies are not limited to the digital world.

As physical trade shows are steadily approaching their pre-COVID popularity, a rising number of exhibitors are deploying experiential campaigns to attract and engage attendees. And our custom trade show quiz is helping them with this objective.

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Custom Trade Show Trivia By Audiencegage

Audiencegage creates fun and engaging trivia challenges to help exhibitors with their trade show objectives. We specialize in B2B exhibition strategies and are trusted by leading businesses from industries like IT, Healthcare, FinTech, Real Estate, and more.

One of the reasons for our extensive popularity among B2B companies is our comprehensive custom trade show trivia design methodology. From creating quiz content according to the goals of the exhibitors to its seamless deployment, we manage the end-to-end process in as little as 2-3 weeks.  

Our Custom Trade Show Trivia Designing Process

1- Creating Expo Quiz Content

The quiz designing process begins with an elaborate discussion with the clients to help us understand their goals and objectives for the event. At the same time, we also try to learn more about their target audience to ensure the final outcome perfectly fulfills your needs and expectations.

Once we have a detailed understanding of these aspects, we start creating tailored content for the quiz. Apart from the trivia questions, we also design quiz graphics so that the booth activity perfectly aligns with the client’s brand guidelines.

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2- Trade Show Quiz Content Review

After creating the content, it goes through a comprehensive review process. We consistently work with the clients and take their inputs to refine the content further.

Once the necessary changes are made, the quiz moves to the testing stage.

3- Designing the Quiz to Suit Your Brand Aesthetics

Next, we get to designing the quiz interface. This includes putting your brand logos, using your brand colors, and adjusting the background images to suit your brand aesthetics. We may need your brand logos, color codes, and fonts to custom-build this brandable trade show quiz for you at this stage.

4- Testing the Custom Exhibition Trivia

To ensure the custom trivia game functions flawlessly during the event, we test it rigorously before sharing the setup instructions with the clients.

We've built an online quiz platform where the content of your trivia is uploaded for testing. From the user interface to quiz questions and graphics, every game element is tested by our professionals.

It goes to the final stages if you and your team approve it. Otherwise, we'll return to the drawing board to ensure you put your best foot forward at the next event. 

5- Trade Show Quiz Deployment

Once everything is in order, we send the setup instructions to the clients. For enhanced convenience, deploying our exhibition quiz at the booth is a simple and hassle-free process that doesn’t take more than a few minutes. This is another reason why exhibitors chose our trivia over other activities that involve time and effort-consuming setups and management.

You'll only need an iPad (or similar device) for the gameplay and a large display for the live leaderboard. Exhibitors can run the Audiencegage App on their devices by entering the code we'll share before the event. Moreover, we also offer live support throughout the event so that you can easily access all the assistance you need.

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6- Post-Trade Show Report

Analytics has made its way into trade shows. Thus, to equip our clients with an in-depth analysis of our game and to help them improve their performance at future events, we send them a post-event report. It includes a detailed analysis of attendee data and engagement.

The report is shared in a spreadsheet format through email. Alternatively, clients can also access the data by logging in to our online quiz platform.

How Much Does Audiencegage Custom Trivia Cost?

Rather than being the cheapest trade show game provider by cutting corners, we focus on delivering quality services that can help you with your event ROI and ROO. Moreover, we offer multiple pricing plans to ensure exhibitors can conveniently select one that best matches their budget and requirements.

Our plans are-

Audiencegage Trade show trivia pricing table
Disclaimer: These are the maximum retail prices. The final price may vary depending on the discounts and offers running, if any. Check the latest prices here.

Choose Our Custom Trade Show Trivia to Succeed at Your Upcoming Event

Trade show success comes to those with a well-thought event plan. While there are several aspects critical to your success at trade shows, an engagement strategy is one of the most important. Our custom expo quiz can help you attract and engage the attendees, taking you a step closer to your objectives.

Contact us to learn more about our custom trade show trivia and book a live demo to see how we can help.

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