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How Can Custom Trade Show Trivia Help with Branding?

What makes a custom trivia game one of the most effective ways to promote your brand at trade shows? Read this post to find out.

Nike or Adidas? KFC or McDonald’s? Pepsi or Coca-Cola?

What makes a handful of brands stand out among hundreds and thousands of competitors? While it might seem like an unfair advantage now, it's the result of several years of consistent branding efforts.

But, What is Branding?

It is the process of providing your brand with a characteristic name, feature, or symbol to make it memorable. In short, branding gives your business a personality that enables it to stand apart from its competitors.

In fact, building and promoting the brand is such a critical aspect of running a successful business that it is one of the most common trade show objectives.

Face-to-face events like trade shows give businesses a unique opportunity to communicate directly with people and boost brand awareness.

Ok, So How to Improve Brand Awareness at Trade Shows?

Brand promotion at trade shows requires a carefully planned event strategy. It takes at least a few months of planning and organizing to succeed at trade shows, especially at popular events like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is attended by thousands of companies.

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But while several elements contribute to your brand-building efforts at trade shows, one booth activity gaining widespread popularity among exhibitors is custom trivia.

Here’s how a custom quiz can help you build and promote your brand at trade shows-

Why Custom Trivia for Trade Show Branding?

Give People a Reason to Visit Your Booth

At trade shows, you want people to visit your booth so that they can learn more about your brand, your products/services, and your USPs. 

But at larger events with hundreds and thousands of booths, it can be very challenging for exhibitors to attract attendees and encourage them to visit their booths.

A custom trade show quiz can be that unique aspect that could help you outshine other booths. Most people love playing interactive games, especially when they can offer them some respite from the monotony of similar-looking booths.

With custom trivia, you give people a fun reason to visit your booth and allow yourself to expand your brand's reach. 

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Educate the Audience Through Trivia Questions

From building a website and using online/offline ads to sending SMSes and emails, you might have used several channels over the years to let people know about your brand.

But how about using something more unique and interactive, like a custom quiz for trade show promotion?

In custom trivia, the questions are crafted around the exhibitor’s event objectives. For instance, if your goal is improving brand awareness, the questions can revolve around your company, products/services, etc., to help you with your objectives.

As people play the trivia, they automatically learn more about your brand, what you do, and why you’re better than other competing brands.

So, trivia promotes your brand uniquely and memorably, which is way more effective than traditional strategies.

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Highlight Your Brand Identity

You'll mostly customize your booth with your brand's logo, type fonts, images, and colors. But while these trade show branding efforts can deliver results, they work at a superficial level.

Playing a booth quiz requires visitors to engage their mental faculties of reason, understanding, and memory.

So, when the trivia game is customized with the brand logo and colors, you can more effectively display your brand identity and make the brand memorable.

And the more memorable your brand is, the easier it’ll be for your sales team to follow up with the leads after the event.

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Build a Modern Brand Reputation

We rely on modern technologies in this digital age for various everyday tasks. Our changing habits also influence our brand selection, encouraging us to choose brands with a modern and technologically-advanced reputation.

As trade show trivia is an online game played through iPads and other tablet computers with live results displayed on an LCD screen, it helps create the right brand perception in the eyes of the booth visitors.

Moreover, the custom quiz also digitizes the lead collection process, eliminating the need for exhibitors to use traditional methods like badge scanners, offline forms, or collecting business cards.

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Promoting Your Brand at Trade Shows with Custom Trivia

As can be seen, there are many effective ways in which a custom trade show quiz can help exhibitors with their branding efforts. The booth activity effectively grabs the attendees' attention, brings them to your booth, and helps them learn more about your brand through a fun and challenging game.

Moreover, when combined with a powerful trade show marketing strategy, the booth trivia can also help exhibitors collect more leads and improve their ROI.

Want to know more about custom trade show trivia? Check out how our custom trivia game can help you improve brand awareness and take you closer to other event objectives. 

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