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Achieve Event Objectives with Trade Show Games - Eyeballs to Footfalls

Turn trade show attendees into loyal customers with interactive games like custom trivia. Find out how in this post.

Trade shows have continued to be a staple in B2B marketing strategies. While the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted the exhibition industry, things are picking up in 2022.

According to a Content Marketing Institute research, 52% of B2B organizations plan to increase their investment in in-person events in the post-COVID world.

But while trade shows are all set to regain their glory, how are you planning to make them work for your business?

After all, consumer behavior has gone through a paradigm shift in the last couple of years. So, even the strategies that might have worked well in the past might not deliver the expected results.

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Stand Out with Something Unique and Memorable

Custom booths, graphics, product demos, and well-trained booth staff have worked well in the past. But, while they should continue to be part of your strategy, don’t you think they are over-utilized?

Visit any trade show, even a small-scale event, and you’ll see every other booth leveraging these techniques to attract and engage the crowd. And their effectiveness falls further when you’re at a large B2B event with several competing businesses.

So, what’s the solution? What other interactive vendor booth ideas should you consider to stand out on a trade show floor? How about a custom trade show trivia?

When you’re exhibiting at a trade show, here’s what your dream sequence of events generally looks like-

Trade Show Attendee Journey from grabbing attention to getting booth traffic aka footfalls to conversions and leads

Trade show booth games like custom trivia challenges could play a vital role in each of these steps to take you closer to your event objectives. How? Let’s take a look-

Eyeballs: Grabbing the Attention of the Attendees

Image with tick mark and text saying Grab attention of Trad Show Attendees

Mark, a senior executive at an insurance company in New York, is at ITC Vegas 2022 to learn more about the digital technologies he could use to boost employee productivity and generate more sales. But there were so many similar-looking booths that nothing really stood out on the floor.

While some booths tried their best with over-the-top graphics and colorful displays, it was not something that grabbed his attention. However, after strolling for some time, he saw a booth with a trivia challenge displayed on a large leaderboard which appeared to be super interesting.

A big screen displaying a leaderboard at a trade show connected to the Audiencegage game with players names and scores displayed along with company branding


Using Custom Trade Show Trivia to Attract Visitors

That’s just how an expo quiz gets more eyeballs on your booth. It helps you stand apart and offer something unique to the attendees.

Especially when you’re competing with similar businesses on the same trade show floor, you can’t rely on the over-used strategies and expect the results to be any different.

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Footfalls: Converting Trade Show Attendees into Booth Visitors

A blue background with text brings footfalls and traffic with a green tick

Just to break the monotony, Mark visited the booth and played the quiz. As it turns out, the booth belonged to a company offering a product similar to what he was looking for.

As it was a custom trade show trivia, it had questions about the insurance industry and the exhibiting company. The quiz did an exceptional job of helping him know more about what the company does and its products even before he could talk to one of the booth staffers.

trade show visitors playing a trade show trivia game at a booth during an event with the placard reading Test your industry IQ

Why Add a Booth Trivia for Improved Traffic?

Trade show games to play, like a custom quiz, are unique as they can attract people to your booth and boost brand awareness.

People generally love playing trivia quizzes. And when the quiz is customized per the exhibiting company's objectives, it does an exceptional job of allowing visitors to know more about the company.

Moreover, once a few people start playing the quiz, it automatically brings in more people as the FOMO effect kicks in. For the exhibiting company, it means more traffic, more leads, and more potential customers.  

Conversions: Collecting More Leads and Increasing your ROI

Blue background with green tick and text under it reading collect more leads and increase conversions

To start playing the game, Mark had to fill out a short online lead form on the iPad deployed on the booth. Again, compared to the traditional methods like badge scanners, he found the online lead collection method more convenient and innovative.

After playing the quiz, learning more about the exhibiting company, and watching his name on the live leaderboard, he was approached by a booth staffer to discuss his requirements. 

The friendly staffer helped him better understand how the exhibiting company’s product could fulfill Mark’s requirements. Then, after sharing some additional details, he left the booth satisfied and happy.

Why Trade Show Games for Lead Collection?

The games have the upper hand in the Trade Show Games vs. Badge Scanners debate. Offline methods like badge scanners are too dull and impersonal. But expo game ideas like custom trivia digitalize the process.

Moreover, as people are excited to play the quiz, they don’t mind filling out the short lead collection form online. After the event, the quiz provider shares attendee data with the exhibiting company.

While it can take some phone calls and emails to convert Mark into a customer, the quiz at least provided you with a quality lead.

And just like Mark, it can help you collect many more engaged leads who know about your company and your products. From there, you’ll need a carefully planned lead follow-up strategy for maximum conversions.

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Achieving Trade Show Goals with a Custom Booth Quiz

While interactive trade show games like custom quizzes might not single-handedly turn things in your favor, they can certainly contribute to the entire process. Even with fun and engaging trivia, you’ll still need a solid trade show plan to cover all the bases and make the event successful.

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Want to know more about custom trade show trivia? Audiencegage can help. You can also visit our Blog section for tips, tricks, and strategies to organize and execute successful trade shows.

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