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22 Reasons Why You Need a Custom Trade Show Quiz at Your Booth

Confused about whether you should add a trade show quiz to your booth? Here are 22 reasons why you definitely should.

With grander things like budget, staff, booth, and sales pitch to take care of, booth activity planning can sometimes take a backseat.

After all, what can something small like a custom trade show quiz deliver? At the most, it’ll make your booth a little better, right?

If you’re an exhibitor who can relate to this notion, you should think again.

Booth activities like trivia can have a significant impact on almost every aspect of your exhibit, including booth traffic, engagement, brand image, lead counts, booth teams’ success, and even ROI and ROO.

If you’re still not sure, here are 22 reasons to help you understand why they’re worth it-

Top 22 Reasons to Consider a Custom Trade Show Quiz

1- Drives More Booth Traffic

You cannot blame the attendees if they feel jaded after visiting multiple booths that look the same and don’t have anything unique or attractive to offer.

Fun trade show games like quizzes can rescue them from boredom and refresh their minds. For you, it means more traffic, engagement, conversations, and leads.

2- Boosts Brand Awareness

A custom trade show game can have questions that are crafted around your industry, company, product, or service. As people play the quiz, the questions help them learn more about you.

Once they know who you are and your USPs through the quiz, it becomes much easier for your booth staff to start a conversation with them.

3- Collects and Qualifies Leads

Players must fill up a short online lead generation form before accessing the quiz. The game is connected to a lead collection platform to digitize the process and eliminate manual efforts.

Moreover, the quiz questions can also be customized to help with lead qualification. The leads can be categorized as hot, warm, and cold, and you can also create a dedicated follow-up strategy for every category.   

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4- Generates More Sales

The increase in booth traffic will help you collect more leads. And the higher the number of leads you collect, the higher the probability of generating more sales.

Moreover, by involving people with your brand, the quiz allows you to collect engaged leads, which you cannot collect with games like a raffle, spinwheel, or fishbowl.

5- Generates Better ROI

Needless to say, when you attract more traffic, collect more leads, and generate more sales, it'll directly impact your ROI.

Not to forget that planning and executing a successful event will also improve your professional reputation.

6- Aids Branding

It's no secret that you should build every aspect of your trade show booth around a particular theme that aligns with your brand.

Leading trade show quiz companies allow you to customize game graphics. The graphics can be aligned with the overall booth design to further promote your brand.  

7- Improves Attendee Engagement

An often overlooked aspect of planning an exhibit is audience engagement. It is the process of encouraging the audience to be engaged or interested in your business.

A trade show trivia engages booth visitors mentally, emotionally, and physically and helps enhance their overall experience.

8- Makes Attendee Experience Memorable

If you visit twenty exhibition booths that look and feel the same, how many of them will you remember after the event? Maybe a few or maybe none.

A booth game like a quiz helps you offer something unique and memorable to the attendees- something they'd mostly remember well after the event.

9- Assists Up-Selling and Cross-Selling

Up-selling and cross-selling products or services to existing clients is a common trade show objective. If you’re aiming for something similar, custom trivia can help.

The quiz questions can be customized to help people know more about your product portfolio, USPs, and what makes you a better choice over competing brands.  

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10- Helps Your Booth Staff

It takes a lot of effort for the booth staff to encourage people from the aisle to visit your exhibit stand. A quiz can support them in this endeavor by giving the attendees a reason to stop at your booth.

Moreover, as the online game can also collect leads, your booth staff won't have to spend their precious time noting the contact details or collecting the business cards of every visitor. Instead, they can focus on engaging with the visitors and informing them about your business and services. 

11- Requires Minimal Setup and Hardware

Booth activities such as AR/VR require extensive and time-consuming setups. You also need expensive hardware and a dedicated expert to use them at your booth. But custom trivia is different.

You'll only need a few devices like iPads for the gameplay and a large LED for the leaderboard. Apart from this, the quiz does not require elaborate planning or setups.

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12- Easy to Play

Not only do the quizzes require minimum setup and hardware, but they’re also easy to play.

The game does not involve complicated rules, which your booth staff has to explain to every visitor. Instead, set up the iPads and a leaderboard and watch the attendees have a blast.

13- Increases Attendee Dwell Time

Dwell time is the amount of time people spend at your booth. The higher the dwell time, the easier it is for your booth staff to build deeper relationships with them.

Moreover, while waiting their turn and playing the quiz, the visitors also absorb your brand message and recognize your USPs.   

14- Bolsters Brand Image

In this increasingly digital world, you might know how important it is to maintain a positive reputation. By offering something fun, unique, and memorable at the event, the exhibition trivia helps improve your brand reputation.

Moreover, there are also chances that people will share their experiences with your brand with others and might even post about your booth or brand on social media.

15- Quiz Leaderboard Makes the Activity Competitive and Rewarding

An interactive trade show quiz also has a live leaderboard to make things more competitive for the players.

Playing the quiz and getting their names on the list of top scorers makes the gameplay more fun and rewarding for the booth visitors.

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16- A Powerful Conversation Starter

Initiating a conversation with someone unknown is not the easiest of tasks. While booth staff is trained for this, they’d agree that it is challenging.

An entertaining game like a trade show trivia helps people come out of their shells and be more open to having a conversation with your booth staff.  

17- Makes Giveaways More Effective

Giveaways are a great way to bring more people to your booth. But rather than distributing stuff to every person that visits your booth, it is wise to give them out to people genuinely interested in your brand.

For instance, you can integrate the giveaways into your quiz and use them as gifts for the top scorers.  

18- Prevents Lead Loss

The chances of lead loss are high when you use manual lead collection methods like paper forms. For instance, if the booth is crowded, your staff might not get enough time to talk to every visitor and collect their contact details. There is also a possibility of the forms getting damaged or misplaced.  

Booth games like quizzes can prevent this mishap by digitizing and automating the entire lead collection process.  

19- Helps with Lead Follow-Ups

Unique and memorable trade fair games like custom quizzes also make the job of your sales team easier when they try to contact the leads.

When someone has played a quiz at your booth, you can ask them, “Remember playing the quiz at our booth during the XYZ trade show?” during the follow-up and re-engage them.  

20- Attracts Introverts

Studies suggest that 25%-45% of the US population are introverts. So, there’s a good chance that a considerable portion of the exhibition attendees can be introverts too.

Introverts are not very comfortable with small talks or group activities like scavenger hunts. A quiz trivia is an ideal choice to attract people with all types of personalities, including introverts.

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21- Post-Show Analytics to Analyze Performance

Reputed custom trivia providers also offer post-show analytics with details such as the number of people who played the quiz, engagement analysis, and more.

Exhibitors can share these details with their bosses to demonstrate event performance and also use it to improve future events.

22- Value-for-Money Booth Activity

When selecting a trade show activity, it is essential to consider whether your selection is a value-for-money choice.

While a custom quiz is more expensive than pre-built booth games, their potential to help you collect more leads and improve sales ensures excellent value.

Plan a Successful Event with Trade Show Trivia

As people already love playing games, they have the edge over most other booth activities. And if you're looking for ideas for trade show games, nothing beats custom quizzes.

As you can see, several practical reasons make these quizzes an excellent choice if your goal is to succeed at the event and generate impressive ROI.

Want to learn more about how custom trade show trivia works? We can help. Fill out the contact form on our website to book a demo and understand how it can take your booth to the next level.

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