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Why Use Conference Games for Bettering Audience Engagement?

Want to entertain and engage conference attendees? Games can help. Find out how you can use conference games to make the event a success.

Planning and executing a successful business conference can be a backbreaking task. When you've put in the hard work and planned every aspect as immaculately as possible, you expect people to have a good time at the event. However, most event planners often overlook one critical element – audience engagement.

Many attendees don't find the traditional conference format interesting anymore. In fact, I recently attended a couple of events and found them very boring and displeasing. Most others at the event had a similar feeling. So, while you might have aced the venue, food, and guest speakers, that's not enough to make the conference engaging for the audience.

So, what’s the solution? Conference games. Yes, you read it right. A fun and interesting game to add that spark to the otherwise monotonous event. Let’s take a look at why you should consider audience participation games for corporate events and how to make them work for you-

Why Conference Games?

1. Boost Engagement

In a conference setting, engagement is about making people positively and actively respond to the speaker or presentation. It personifies when presenters succeed in keeping the attention, participation, and interest during the event. And how to engage conference attendees? By providing them with a fun and interesting activity like a trivia game.

While presentations, talks, and demos are great, they can lack that unique or fun factor. Something like a custom trivia game can instantly grab the attention of the attendees and convert them into active participants. Moreover, you can customize the game according to the event objectives and use it to spread awareness and educate your audience in a fun way.

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2. Break the Ice

According to research by IAEE, 76% of people agree they attend conferences for networking opportunities. However, not every individual possesses the skill to initiate conversations with strangers. Conference activities like custom games work as highly effective ice-breakers that are easy and fun.

They encourage conversations and make it easier for people who are strangers to talk, play, and win great prizes. Some games also feature a leaderboard to make them more interesting, competitive, and fun.

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3. Test Attendee Knowledge

We all love when people see us as subject matter experts. A custom trivia quiz can be an excellent way for attendees to demonstrate their knowledge and feel good about it. You can customize the questions as per the theme or content of the conference to make this work.

Moreover, conferences should be memorable for your audience if you want them to give you positive ROI. For this, the quiz questions can revolve around the key takeaways. For example, let's say you're launching a new product and providing training to your sales staff. So, the quiz can have questions about the newly launched product.

4. Helps with Lead Collection

If your goal is to collect leads at the conference, the game can also assist you in this endeavor. Before or after playing the game, the attendees can be asked to fill out and submit the lead form. Then, after the event, you can share the lead data with your sales team and let them work their magic.  

But compared to the offline lead collection, choose a game that collects leads online. Firstly, people prefer digital channels. Secondly, they also help minimize lead loss, a common problem with offline lead collection strategies. Moreover, it also allows the staff to focus better on other areas of the event.

How to Select the Best Conference Games?

A quick online search of the best conference games will give enough results to keep you busy for a few days. But, it's essential to choose gamification for your conference after careful consideration. Here are a few factors you must consider.


You want to have a fun activity at your booth, but you also want it to help you with your objectives, whether it is an educational event, product launch, industry meet, or even an AGM. Thus, the game must be customizable to give your audience a personalized experience.

Online Conference Game

We live in a digital world, and people prefer online experiences. So, an online game that attendees can play on iPads or smartphones can be ideal. Moreover, online games like trivia quizzes are easier to set up and manage than offline games.

Game with a Competitive Element

Adding a competitive element to the conference activity can make it more interesting and fun. You can distribute exciting gifts to the top scorers and watch the attendees have the time of their lives.

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Easy to Play and Quick Conference Game

You don't want to select a game that is too complicated and requires a lot of explanation. At the same time, it should not be too long as people won't like standing in queues for their turn. Go for something that is easy to play and doesn't take much time to play for the best results.

Online Lead Collection

If you're looking for conference engagement ideas to help you with the lead collection, you can look for a custom game that offers this facility. Such games are connected to an online lead collection platform, and all the lead data is shared with the organizer after the event.

Making a Conference Fun and Interesting with Gamification

People love playing games, especially when it allows them to escape the mundane environment of a conference. If you're planning a conference, look for an engaging, customizable game to make it an event to remember.

Audiencegage excels in building custom trivia games for live events. Our games attract, engage, and educate the attendees to help you achieve your event objectives. Register for a free demo to see how we can help.

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