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Why Custom Game for Healthcare Trade Shows [Tips to Choose the Best]

How to make your trade show booth stand out at healthcare events? A custom exhibition game can help. Read this post to know more.

Planning and executing a successful trade show appearance is already an arduous task for event marketers. And things only get more challenging for healthcare exhibitions. 

On one hand, marketers should ensure their booths effectively demonstrate their product/service/technology. On the other, they also need to comply with the stringent regulatory, medical, and legal rules of the exhibit.

But the good news is things are not as complex as they appear initially. You just need adequate time and resources to plan the event and some thoughtful decisions to succeed at health and wellness trade shows.

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The Need for a Booth Activity

From setting the right mood at the booth to staff training and exhibit design, several things deserve the attention of event marketers. But while these aspects are important, you need something that could set your trade show booth apart from other booths at the event.

For instance, a fun and challenging booth activity like a custom trade show game can attract and engage the attendees. It can help create a buzz on the trade show floor and significantly contribute to your event objectives.

But how? Let’s take a look-

3 Ways a Custom Game Can Help Your Booth at Healthcare Events

#1- Educate the Attendees

Whether you’re a healthcare startup or an existing brand planning to launch a new product/service at the event, your first objective would be to help attendees learn more about you and your offerings.

While you might have already planned presentations, demos, and QnAs, what good are they if your booth fails to attract visitors? A booth game like custom trade show trivia can help.

Gamification is already a powerful marketing strategy for physical events like trade shows. By offering something unique and fun, you give the attendees a reason to visit your booth.

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Moreover, the trivia questions are customized according to your event objectives so that people automatically learn more about your brand while playing the game.  

#2 Help Your Booth Staff

If your medical trade show booth is attracting a lot of visitors, it can be challenging for the staffers to give enough time to everyone. In the process, you might end up losing a lot of potential customers.

Moreover, if you’re a new brand or launching a new product/service, the staffers might have to spend a lot of time with every visitor explaining who you are and why people should consider you over your competitors.

But with the visitors enjoying the trade show booth game, your staff will have adequate time for every potential customer.

And as the visitors already know the basics about your brand and product/service through the game, the staffers won't have to explain everything from scratch. This can save valuable time and allow your staffers to build deeper connections with the visitors.

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#3 Switch to Online Lead Collection

Traditional lead collection methods like collecting business cards or asking visitors to fill up offline lead forms don’t work anymore. It is 2022 and it is a must for every business to demonstrate itself as a tech-savvy company.

And if you think badge scanners are an excellent upgrade, you should think again, as they are prone to several issues.

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You can digitize the lead collection process with games like a trade show quiz. 

Before playing the game on an iPad (or similar device), attendees fill up a short online lead collection form. The game is connected to an online lead collection platform to streamline and simplify the entire process.

How to Choose the Best Trade Show Game?

Now that you know some of the reasons to add a custom trade show game to your healthcare booth, let’s take a look at some factors that can assist you in selecting the best booth game-

Trade Show Game Should be Fun and Engaging

The game you choose for your booth should be entertaining. For instance, people love interactive trivia quizzes. They're fun and challenge your intellect. And the aspect of being the top scorer and watching your name on the large screen on a trade show floor further adds to their effectiveness.   

Customized Trade Show Games Are Best

Remember that you're not adding a game to your booth only for people to have fun. You've spent a lot of money on the event, and the activity should definitely contribute to your objectives. This is generally only possible with customized games like booth quizzes.   

The Activity Should be Easy to Deploy

Trade show booth activities like scavenger hunts and AR/VR require extensive setups. But it is best if you keep things simple and straightforward. For instance, a trade show quiz only requires a few devices like iPads for the gameplay and a large display for the live leaderboard.

It Should Support Online Lead Collection

Not all the games for trade show booths come with online lead collection capabilities. When browsing through the options, select one with a simple and quick online lead collection process. Don't forget to check how exhibitors can access the leads during and after the event.

The Trade Show Game Should Require Minimal Staff Involvement

Your booth staff has a vital role in making your exhibit a success. Thus, choosing a booth activity requiring extensive staff involvement is not wise. Instead, something like custom trivia is better suited for trade shows as they allow your staff to focus on their work.

You can also check out our detailed post on Interactive Trade Show Games VS Other Promotional Activities to make the right selection.  

Making a Splash at Healthcare Trade Shows with a Custom Quiz

Healthcare trade shows provide related businesses a unique opportunity to come face-to-face with potential customers. They can help you expand your brand's reach and build lasting customer relationships.

But with hundreds of booths competing at such events, you need something unique to grab the visitors' attention. Custom games like a trade show booth quiz can help you in this endeavor and take you closer to your event objectives.

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