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Why Tech Exhibitors Should Use Custom Trade Show Trivia?

Booth gamification through custom trade show trivia can help tech exhibitors with their event objectives. Read this post to know how.

The technology industry in the US is expected to reach $1.8 trillion in 2022. But while the industry has vast potential, it is also ripe with cut-throat competition, especially due to the thriving start-up ecosystem.

The raging technology war has made it necessary for tech businesses to think outside the box and look beyond the internet to market their offerings. For instance, tech trade shows offer businesses the unique opportunity to come face-to-face with the target customers.

But with bigger tech events like CES being attended by thousands of companies, it is challenging to stand apart from the crowd. However, a unique booth activity like custom trade show trivia could help tech exhibitors create a buzz, attract more visitors, and boost awareness. Check out how-

Top Reasons Why Tech Exhibitors Should Deploy a Custom Trade Show Quiz

1. The High-Tech Activity Aligns with Technology Companies

When you’re a tech company, you want your trade show booth to illustrate the cutting-edge innovation that drives your business operations. Unfortunately, the traditional booth attractions like spin wheels, scavenger hunts, and fishbowl raffles don’t let you create that high-tech perception.

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Custom trade show trivia is played at the booths on iPads or other devices with a live leaderboard on an LED screen. The device-based trade show game effectively aligns with your company image and brings much-needed visibility on a busy exhibition floor.

2. Create a Buzz and Attract More Visitors

Trade shows are expensive. Especially for smaller tech businesses and start-ups, it becomes immensely important to generate positive ROI from the event after spending a significant amount of money. But whether you want to boost brand awareness or collect more leads, you’d want people to visit your booth.

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But this could be a challenge with all the booths looking similar and relying on over-used tactics like graphics and giveaways to attract a crowd. However, with a trade show quiz, you offer people a unique, fun, and engaging reason to visit your booth.

3. Educate Potential Customers

If you’re a start-up or launching a new product/service at the event, one of your objectives will be to educate potential customers. Therefore, you need a booth activity that could make them aware of who you are, what you do, and how you/your products or service are better than your competitors.

With trade show trivia, the questions can be customized to help you with this objective. As the booth visitors play the quiz, they’ll automatically learn more about your tech company and its USPs. Moreover, after completing the quiz and knowing about you, the visitors can be approached by your booth staff to take things forward.

4. Digitize Lead Collection

Most tech exhibitors use badge scanners or rely on their booth staff for lead collection. However, these methods are prone to several problems that could make your lead collection strategy ineffective and negatively impact your ROI.

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Custom trade show trivia digitizes the lead collection process. The booth visitors must fill up a short lead collection form online before they can start playing the quiz. Moreover, the booth game is connected to a lead collection platform which can be instantly accessed by tech exhibitors as required.

5. Custom Trivia Makes Your Tech Company Memorable

After the tech trade shows, most attendees are unable to distinguish between the various booths they’ve visited. So, when your sales team contacts them for a follow-up, they’re again required to start from scratch. And most people won’t want to deal with a salesperson from a company they don’t even remember.

However, when the same people have enjoyed an interesting quiz at your booth, it’ll be much easier for them to remember you and your company. In addition, it could make the job of your sales team easier as the response from the leads would probably be more positive. Ultimately, these could lead to more sales and a higher ROI.

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Using Custom Trivia at Technology Trade Shows

Whether you’re a tech start-up or an established technology company wanting to launch a new product/service, trade shows can be an excellent addition to your marketing strategy. They help you connect with potential customers and build relationships that could prove more beneficial than social media or online marketing.

And with a custom trade show quiz supporting your event objectives, you can significantly expand the probability of succeeding at your next tech trade show. Contact us for a demo to see how our custom trivia helps tech companies achieve business objectives and impressive ROIs.

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