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9-Point Checklist to Compare and Choose the Right Trade Show Trivia Company

Not every trade show trivia is the same. If you’re looking for custom trivia for your booth, here’s a checklist to help you choose the best.

While there are several trade show booth games and activities, custom trivia games have an edge.

The trivia is not only entertaining but significantly contributes to event objectives. Moreover, the online game requires minimal staff involvement to ensure that your booth team can entirely focus on their duties.

But as trade show trivia is getting popular among exhibitors, the number of gamification companies also rising. Unfortunately, not every custom trivia offers the benefits mentioned above.

How to Choose the Best Trade Show Trivia?

If you’re planning to add exciting trivia to your trade show booth, here’s a 9-point checklist to help you choose the best-

1- Trade Show Booth Quiz with Custom Content

Custom Trade Show Quiz Content Creation

While exhibitors can easily find pre-built trade show quizzes for their booth, like most other trade show games, they don’t contribute to your event objectives.

If you’re serious about your goals, you need a custom-built trivia quiz for your industry, brand, product, or service, depending on what you're trying to achieve. Only when the game is customized for you can it help improve brand awareness.

The trade show gamification company should work with you and understand your objectives to customize the quiz content, including trivia questions, graphics, logo, etc., so the final outcome is on point.

2- Dedicated Online Quiz Account Access

The company should also have an online platform with dedicated account access for the exhibitors. By logging in to the account and their dashboard, the exhibitor should be able to view quiz reports and other details during and after the event.

Details such as the number of booth visitors who’ve played the game, leads collected, etc., should be available in the account to help exhibitors keep track of the booth activity.

3. Minimal Setup/Hardware Requirements

trade show game setup on ipad

Booth activities such as AR/VR have extensive setup and hardware requirements. You might also need an extra team member with the required expertise to manage the activity.

Thankfully, trade show trivia games have minimal requirements. They only require a device like an iPad for gameplay. Download the dedicated app on the iPad, and you can access your custom quiz right away.

Exhibitors can consider installing 2-3 iPads so multiple booth visitors can play the game simultaneously.

4- Live Leaderboard for Trade Show Booth

Live Leaderboard at a trade show booth by Audiencegage

While quizzes are entertaining, you can take things a step further with a leaderboard.

From making the trade show booth quiz more competitive and boosting engagement to helping the booth staff track quiz results, a leaderboard on a large LED display just makes the quiz more awesome. Exhibitors can also consider distributing gifts to the top scorers for added excitement.

So, if you’re looking for a trade show quiz, ensure that it comes with a live leaderboard feature.

5- Lead Collection and Qualification

Lead collection before beginning trade show game on the app of Audiencegage

Collecting leads is one of the most common trade show objectives. Compared to traditional methods like badge scanners, a custom trade show game like quiz is more effective in this endeavor.

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To play the online quiz, an attendee first needs to fill up a lead collection form. Moreover, depending on the answers provided by a participant, the quiz can also help qualify the leads.

The quiz is connected to an online lead collection platform of the gamification company to make the entire process hassle-free. It also eliminates the need for your booth staff to struggle with manual lead collection practices, which are error-prone and time-consuming.   

6- Live Trade Show Trivia Support

While trade show trivia is a straightforward game requiring minimal setup, things can sometimes go wrong. For this, it is also essential to choose a gamification company that offers live support throughout the event.

If anything goes wrong with the quiz during the event, you should be able to contact the company to get the assistance you need.

Your booth game not working as expected will be the last thing you’d want on a busy trade show floor. Availability of live support will add extra safety to ensure seamless functioning.

7- Post-Show Trivia Analytics

Trade Show report generated by Audiencegage post events showing various metrics like number of players, leads captured, and more.

The post-show analysis is critical to determine what did and did not work during the event. It can help improve your trade show plan for future events. Some custom quiz games can help you in this regard as well.

Once the event is over, you get a detailed analytics report which contains attendee data, engagement analysis, and more to help you analyze your performance.

8- Reputation of Trade Show Gamification Company

Quality companies offer quality products and services. And when you’re spending thousands of dollars on the event, it makes sense to only work with the best in the industry.

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When browsing through the top custom trivia services, ensure that you also check the company's reputation. If you’re participating in a B2B event, you can find companies specializing in B2B trade shows.

9- Custom Trivia Pricing

Last but not least is trivia cost. When it comes to trade show activities, it is important to think in terms of the value that activity will generate for you.

If the game fulfills all the points listed above, chances are it’ll have a profound impact on your ROI and ROO, making it an excellent choice for your booth.

So, look for a trade show quiz that can offer a great return on your investment. And if you participate in multiple events in a year, you can also find services that offer reasonably priced multi-event plans.

Selecting the Best Trade Show Trivia Service

There are many reasons that make trade show booth games like custom quizzes an ideal choice for exhibitors.

But as every custom quiz and quiz service is not the same, you’ll have to carefully analyze the options to choose one that can deliver the most impressive results. And this 9-point checklist can assist you in the selection.

You can also contact us to know more about custom exhibition quizzes and how we create them to help our clients with their event objectives.



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