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5 Different Types of Trade Show Quiz to Attract and Engage Booth Visitors

What type of trade show trivia should you choose for your booth? Check out this post for some top choices.

Whether you want to boost brand awareness or collect more engaged leads, custom trivia can add that wow factor to your booth and take you closer to your goals.

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But while trivia games are highly effective in meeting your event objectives, what is the right trade show quiz for your booth? After all, there are many types of trivia games, and making the right selection is critical to your success.

Let’s take a look at 5 most popular types of trivia quizzes to help you make a decision

Popular Types of Trade Show Trivia

1- Multiple Choice Trade Show Quiz

Multiple Choice Trade Show Quizzes involve custom questions, and each question has 3-5 answer options. Players select the correct answer from the options to score points.  

As the quiz is exclusively created to help exhibitors with their event objectives, the questions are creatively customized to deliver the expected results.

2- Image-based Multiple Choice Questions/Answers

As people are more attracted to visual elements, you can consider having an Image-based Trade Show Quiz at your booth. So, the quiz will feature image-based questions with text-based answer options.

Alternatively, you can also have text-based questions with image-based answer options.

3- Fill-in-the-Blank

Fill-in-the-Blanks have questions, like sentences or phrases, with a blank space to select the missing word. There can also be questions with more than one blank.

Players can either answer the questions by typing or choose from one of the options given, like Multiple Choice Questions.

4- True or False

True or False trivia can also be an excellent choice if you're looking for fun trade show booth games. It’ll involve multiple question statements requiring players to provide a true or false response.

You can also make it a “yes” or “no,” “agree” or “disagree,” or “correct” or “incorrect” expo quiz game commonly used for survey-type questions.  

5- Matching Quiz Trivia

Matching quiz trivia for trade shows requires players to match items from one column to items in the other column. You can create custom trivia with multiple matching questions or use a Multiple Choice or True or False quiz with a matching question at the end for bonus points.

For instance, you can have 9 multiple choice questions for 100 points each and 1 matching type question for 300 points.

Tips to Succeed with a Custom Trivia at Your Trade Show Booth

Trade show games like trivia are a big hit among attendees as it challenges and awards their intellect. But apart from being fun and interactive, the quiz game also takes exhibitors closer to their event objectives.

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Now that you know some of the most popular types of exhibition quizzes, here are some handy tips to help you get the best results-

Use a Live Leaderboard

A live leaderboard makes the trivia game more challenging for the booth visitors and encourages active participation.

Reward the Top Scorers

Players expect a reward, especially when they’re among the top trivia scorers. You can read our Trade Show Giveaway Guide to learn more about how to select the best giveaways for your booth.

Collect Online Leads with Trivia

When choosing a trivia game for your booth, ensure you select one that comes with a lead collection feature. Online lead collection, especially through a fun activity like trivia, proves more effective than offline lead collection methods.

Choose a Reliable Trivia Provider

Look for a reputable custom trade show trivia provider who can assist you in choosing the right type of trivia and crafting custom questions according to your event objectives.

Making a Custom Expo Quiz Work for Your Booth

Custom trivia can work wonders for your trade show audience engagement strategy. But with so many different types of trivia games available, it is important to make the right selection based on the type of trade show you’re participating in, your target audience, and your event objectives.

Want to learn more about trade show trivia? Explore how our custom trivia games drive more traffic, boost brand awareness, and help exhibitors with their event objectives.

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