Collect High-Quality Leads with Trade Show Raffle Game

Searching for a trade show game for your booth? A raffle game can be an excellent choice. Read this post to learn more.

Raffle nights are popular at pubs, offices, fundraisers, and house parties. But do you know the game has been around for centuries? The ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans played different versions of what we now know as raffle games with bones and dice. Taking inspiration from the traditional variants, the Chinese then invented Keno during the Hun Dynasty.

As raffle games have a widespread appeal, they’ve also been a staple at physical events like trade shows. The fun, the excitement, and the opportunity to test their luck and win prizes is the perfect recipe to attract people to your booth. Let’s take a detailed look at trade show raffle games, their benefits, and more-

What are Trade Show Raffle Games?

Trade show raffle games are among the most popular interactive booth activities designed to attract and engage attendees. The game mechanics can involve drawing tickets from a bowl, spinning a wheel, or other interactive elements.

The booth visitors participate in the game by providing their contact information by filling out a physical form, an online form, or scanning their badges. The winners receive raffle prizes ranging from small promotional items to high-value products/services. While offline raffle games were more popular in the past, most exhibitors have now switched to digital raffles.

Why Use a Raffle Game at Your Trade Show Booth?

Attract More Traffic

People love raffle games. The temptation to participate and win one of the top prizes is just too much to ignore, especially on a dull and monotonous trade show floor. And the more people visit your booth, the more the opportunity to talk to them and boost brand awareness.  

Generate Leads

As mentioned, participants must provide their contact details to enter the raffle game. The chances of people happily providing their contact information are higher when they get something in return. In this case, they’ll exchange the details to participate in the contest and try their luck at winning a big prize.

Engage Audience

Gamification is one of the most effective ways to create a fun and interactive atmosphere at your trade show booth. Attendees eagerly await the draw, which allows your booth staff to initiate conversations, demonstrate your products/services, and build a relationship with potential customers.

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Memorable Experience

With hundreds of brands exhibiting at trade shows, attendees tend to forget about most of them when they walk through the exit gate. The ones they do remember are the brands that provided them with a memorable experience. Trade show games like raffles can play a vital role in making your booth unforgettable and helping your sales team with the follow-up.

What Should You Choose Between an Online and Offline Trade Show Raffle Game?

Digital raffle games have gained prominence over offline raffles in recent years. Here are some of the reasons why-

Integrate Technology at Your Booth

Our lives now revolve around technology. Consumers now prefer dealing with technologically-advanced brands, and a digital activity like an online raffle can help exhibitors create that impression.

Digitize Lead Collection

Offline lead collection forms, badge scanners, and business card collection are outdated ways to collect leads. Online raffle games digitize your lead collection process, helping you generate more leads.

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Easier Setup

Setting up a physical raffle game requires plenty of preparations and big booth space. This might be challenging, especially if you’re going with the smaller 10x10 booths. But you can bid goodbye to these hassles with a digital raffle. The visitors can play the game can through handheld devices like smartphones or installed iPads.  

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Helps Booth Staff

With an offline raffle, you’ll need at least one or two people managing the game. So they won’t be able to contribute as much to visitor interactions. As the digital raffle is played online, it allows your booth staff to fully concentrate on interacting with the visitors.


While the overall cost of deploying a raffle game at your booth will vary depending on the prizes you distribute, the setup is more affordable with the digital version. The online game requires no physical setup, so it is a better alternative to an offline raffle. We can help you set up a trade show raffle activity for $99. Check out our trade show raffle game. 

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How to Take Trade Show Raffle Games to the Next Level?

As seen above, trade show games like raffle can work as a crowd-puller, helping exhibitors to encourage more booth visits. But you can take the effectiveness of this booth activity a step further by getting it customized. A trusted trade show gamification company can customize the game for your brand according to your event objectives for improved results.

More importantly, the gaming company will manage the end-to-end process from creating the raffle game, choosing prizes within your budget, customizing the lead form, and managing the online lead collection platform. As trade show planning is already a backbreaking task, outsourcing the game element to professionals is wise.

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Here are some other reasons to work with a professional trade show gamification company for your booth raffle game-

  • Game designed according to the latest trade show trends
  • Lead form customized according to brand guidelines and event objectives
  • High-quality and timely results
  • Live support during the event
  • Post-event report to help you assess your performance and follow up with the leads generated seamlessly

Be the Highlight of the Event with a Trade Show Raffle Game

Raffle games can turn boring trade show booths into fun crowd-pullers. If you’re looking for an activity that could bring more people to your booth and ensure they have a good time, a digital raffle game can definitely help.

Audiencegage is a leading trade show gamification company that has covered over 80 industry events over the years. We offer various customized gaming solutions, including trade show raffle games, to help our clients with their event objectives. Contact us to schedule a demo and learn more about our suite of trade show games.

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