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Trivia Vs Personality Quiz Vs Surveys: Best Type Quiz for Trade Show

Need help with choosing the best trade show quiz? Check out the factors you should look into to make the right decision.

Gamification is making its presence felt in the events industry. From trade shows to conferences and conventions, organizers are leveraging the power of gamification to attract and engage the audience.

But among all the various types of event gamification options, quizzes are the preferred option for most due to their effectiveness and efficiency.

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Moreover, with all the different types of quizzes, like trivia challenges, personality quizzes, surveys, etc., it is easier to choose one that best meets your expectations and requirements.

However, for new exhibitors and organizers, this selection is often more difficult than expected. And as the game can help you with the event objective, it is essential to be careful with the selection.

So, let’s take a quick look at what trivia challenges, personality quizzes, and surveys are and how you can make the right selection-

Popular Types of Event Quiz

Trade Show Trivia Challenges

Trade show trivia is the most basic type of event quiz with questions created around a specific topic. For instance, if it is a technology trade show, the trivia questions can revolve around the latest technologies.

Participants answer the questions correctly to score points, and winners generally receive prizes.

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Personality Quiz

Personality tests or quizzes are very popular in the digital world, making them a great way to attract a crowd at physical events. As these games can help people know more about themselves, their feelings, habits, etc., they are often a big hit among the attendees.

Deploy a fun personality quiz, like “Which FRIENDS Character Are You?” or “What Career Suits Your Personality?” and watch people having a great time at your booth.

Event Surveys

A survey with live audience at a physical event can be used by companies to better understand their market reputation and what people think about their products/services.

Whether you’re meeting new customers, existing customers, or even launching a new product/service, you can use surveys in many different ways to uncover consumer insights.

How to Select the Right Trade Show Quiz?

So, how do you choose the best quiz for event gamification? Focus on these 5 factors-

1- Event Objective

Apart from being fun and entertaining, event games can also help you with event objectives, like improving brand awareness, generating sales, collecting leads, and analyzing market reputation. And your objective can help you with quiz selection.

For instance, you can use a custom trade show trivia challenge if the goal is to improve brand awareness and collect more leads. On the other hand, if you need insights for launching a new product or want to learn more about your market reputation, you can use a survey-type quiz.

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2- Type of Event

The event you’re participating in also impacts quiz selection. For instance, if it is a serious B2B exhibition or convention, you can consider adding a fun element with a personality quiz. Amid all the product demos, discussions, and talks, the personality quiz can be a fun break for the audience.

Alternatively, you can consider a trivia challenge if you’d like to test what the audience has learned during the event or a survey to collect insights.

3- Your Brand

You should also analyze your brand, its approach, and reputation before browsing through the best trade show game ideas. For instance, if you are a B2B company from the healthcare industry, you might not necessarily be looking to make your booth entertaining. In such cases, you can consider a trivia challenge or a survey quiz.

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On the other hand, if you're a young startup from the fashion industry, something cool and trendy, like a personality quiz, can better align with your brand and help attract more people to your exhibition booth.

4- Event Marketing Strategy

Let’s say you’re participating in a technology trade show to promote your newly launched product. So, through all your marketing channels, you’d like to bring the consumers' attention to your product. In such cases, you should not look for conference gamification ideas that will deviate from the product. For instance, a  personality quiz might not be the best choice in this scenario.

You can maybe use a trivia challenge to check what they've learned about your product during the event, or even a survey with questions like the product features they liked, what they'd like to see in future updates, how willing they are to purchase the product, etc.

5- Research Your Competitors

If your competitors have been using event gamification to attract and engage the audience, you can also take inspiration from them. You can consider using the same type of quiz they generally use or stand out by deploying something different.

If you and your competitor would be exhibiting at the same event and with the same type of trade show quiz, you can take things up a notch by making your quiz questions more interesting or offering better prizes.

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Finding the Right Quiz for Your Event

Be it a B2B trade show or a conference, gamification through quizzes is an effective way to get closer to your event objectives. Remember these points when choosing event games, and trust only reputed quiz providers for the best results.

Audiencegage excels in building custom event quizzes. We design games as per the event objectives and target audience of our clients to ensure they deliver the expected results. Moreover, our gaming experts can also help you choose the right type of quiz, eliminating confusion and allowing you to focus better on other critical tasks associated with organizing an event.

Contact us for a free demo to learn more about how we can help.

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